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Located in South Bend, Indiana, the University of Notre Dame is a Catholic school that was founded in 1842. The Notre Dame football program is famous for being the home of Knute Rockney and the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame.

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Wally Klein Notre Dame?

Former Notre Dame defensive tackle Wally Kleine passed away April 13, 2008 from heart failure in Lubbock, Texas. He was 43 years old. Kleine received All American recognition at Notre Dame and was a second round draft choice of the Washington Redskins in 1987.

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Did Memphis ever have a pro football team?

Memphis had a team in not only the World Football League in 1975 (the Southmen were previously in Toronto in 1974), but also a team in CFL-US (the Mad Dogs) as well as the Arena Football League in 1995 & 1996 (the Pharaohs) as well as the Tennessee Oilers in 1997 before the team moved to Nashville in 1998 and would eventually become the Tennessee Titans in '99.Memphis had an entry for a possible expansion team in the NFL known as the Memphis Hound Dogs, which lost out to Jacksonville and Carolina in 1995. Both of the other answers are technically right but do not answer the question posed. Memphis had the Tennessee Titans franchise come here before they were the Titans. At the time they were called the Tennessee Oilers stemming from the Houston Oilers which eventually became the Tennessee Titans. They were here to my recollection for about two seasons before their eventual move to Nashville or Shnashville as we in Tennessee refer to it. The team never intended to stay here in Memphis which led to poor attendance as the fans did not want to support a team whose intention was to never stay in the first place. Contrary to popular belief their is no oil in Tennessee despite the Beverly Hillbillie's theme song which claims so. God rest Jim Varney's soul.

Yes, they have, including the NFL .When the Tennessee Oilers first moved from Houston in 1997, they played their home games in the Liberty Bowl. They moved to Nashville the following year & have played in Nashville ever since.

The other "big" league Memphis team was the Memphis Southmen, which played in its only full season of 1974 (the league disbanded 12 games into the 1975 season).

The Memphis Southmen played in the original World Football League that operated in 1974-75 (not to be confused with the current NFL minor league of the same name).

I might note that the WFL put themselves out of business by raiding the NFL rosters of stars. Some of the stars playing for the Southmen included future Dallas Cowboy Danny White, All-American Lucious Selmon, former Super Bowl star (with Miami) Paul Warfield and NFL alumus John Huarte, among others.

Since then there have been numerous other pro teams, starting with the USFL Memphis Showboats in 1984-1985, the Memphis Maniax of the XFL (that only lasted the 2001 season) and Memphis' current pro team that has been around for 3 years, Arena Football 2's Memphis Xplorers.

You forgot the Mad Dog's that played in the CFL for one season, they died out when the Oilers moved.

Memphis also had an Arena Football League team in 1995 and 1996 called the Memphis Pharaohs. The Pharaohs relocated to Portland, Oregon for three years as the Portland Forest Dragons (1997-99) and then moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the final two years as the Oklahoma Wranglers (2000-2001)

Memphis also had a team called the Memphis Tigers in the American Football League (1934).

Memphis Tigers. Formed in 1927 as "New Bry's Hurricanes" and renamed in 1928, the Tigers were the dominant football team of the South from 1929 to 1932. In 1929, Memphis defeated the Green Bay Packers 20-7 (the Packers eventually won the 1929 NFL championship without losing a league game).

Memphis could also get another team as there are plans on a return of the USFL

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What American referee or linesman wore number 11 on his jersey?

Mark Faucette from Springfield MA whose first NHL game was 12/23/87.

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What is Notre Dame's record all time vs Ohio state?

In football, Ohio State leads the all time series 3-2. The teams last played in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl.

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What number did george gipp wear at notre dame?

George Gipp wore the number 66 while he played at Notre Dame.

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Bowl Championship Series

How many football championships has USC won?

USC has 11 National Championships in men's football. Titles were won in 1928, 1931, 1932, 1939, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978, 2003, and 2004.

The following are the details of the various Championship seasons:

1928 (9-0-1)

Win based on Dickinson System, a points system used from 1926-1940. According to the NCAA Football Records Book, the Dickinson System was accepted as a "major selector."

1931 (10-1)

Win based on Dickinson System and a panel of experts from the Helms Athletic Foundation. The Foundation selected national champions and all-America team selections on college basketball and football. Also noticed by the NCF (National Championship Foundation), which predated national champions from 1869-1979; and the FBR or CFRA (College Football Researche! rs Association), which determined champions by a Top 10 vote on a point system and predated national champions from 1919-1981.

1932 (10-0)

Win based on the Helms Athletic Foundation. Also selected by the NCF and CFRA.

1939 (8-0-2)

Win based on Dickinson System.

1962 (11-0)

Win based on AP Poll, the weekly ranking of the Top 25 NCAA football team as voted on sportswriters. Also crowned by the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), whose All-America Team is officially recognized by the NCAA; the National Football Foundation (NFF), which operates the College Football Hall of Fame; and the United Press International (UPI), a news agency which at the time conducted a poll of college coaches to decide the champion.

1967 (10-1)

Unanimous National Championship. AP & UPI Polls. Also chosen by FWAA & NFF.

1972 (12-0)

Unanimous National Championship. AP & UPI Polls. Also chosen by FWAA & NFF.

1974 (10-1-1)

National Champions in UPI Poll. Also chosen by FWAA & NFF.

1978 (12-1)

National Champions in UPI Poll. Also chosen by FWAA & NFF.

2003 (12-1)

Split National Championship. USC was named National Champions in the AP Poll, and FWAA selection. LSU was named National Champions by the BCS.

2004 (13-0)

Unanimous National Championship. BCS title game and AP Polls.

There continues to be a ridiculous answer offered by an individual who wants to claim that no National Championships were won in Men's 1A college football prior to 1998 and the BCS. It's such a spurious and specious claim that it's actually funny to read, so we will leave it up here for addled minds to enjoy (see below, it's a laugh).

For the rest of us who are well aware that college football was played, and championships were won, for more than 100 years prior to the BSC system, the facts listed above will answer the question.

Here's the ridiculous answer though, where the person said only "one", only counting BCS victories. It's so stupid that it's funny. Ok, for your amusement...

One. For the 2004 season. Note, there was a long discussion here, featuring answers from several different contributors, but at least one person has decided that, rather than allow discussion, he would just delete everyone else's contributions and post his own (incorrect) answer. That person, and others, believe that USC has won more than one football championship (anywhere from 6 to 11, depending on how you count them). They are wrong. Here's why.

Prior to the 1998 season, Division I-A football national championships were not won at all. They were awarded, by several polling organizations, such as the AP. There were bowl games matching up teams between conferences, but no attempt to match up the best two teams in the country. So, all those years USC supposedly "won" a national championship, they only did so because they beat some punk Big 10 team in the Rose bowl, and a bunch of sports reporters voted them number one. Worse, prior to 1975, the AP awarded its national championship before the bowl games were even played. So back then, USC could even lose to a punk Big 10 team in the Rose bowl and stillbe awarded a national championship.

Then the BCS was established for the 1998 season. And with it, a "national championship game" was held, every year, to determine the Division I-A champion. For the first time ever, the two best teams in the country had to play each other, head to head, to determine who the champion was. Now, I will be the first to admit that the BCS has its problems. Almost every year, there is some controversy over whether the two teams in the NCG are really the two best teams in the country. For example, USC fans believe that their Trojans should have been in the 2003 NCG. Likewise, it is fairly obvious that Auburn, rather than Oklahoma, should have been USC's opponent in the 2004 NCG. Of course, if things had gone that way, USC would have lost both of those games and the answer to this question would be zero. But the point is, whether you agree with the teams selected for the National Championship Game or not, it is a fact that two teams that someone thinks are the best two teams in the country have to play each other for the right to call themselves "national champions". And to have a national championship, you actually have to win it. On the field. In a game. Against a very strong opponent. That did not happen prior to BCS.

USC has anywhere from 6 to 11 national championships, depending on when you start counting and which polls you accept. But this question didn't ask how many championships USC has. It asked how many championships USC has won. And, except for the 2004 season, the only thing USC won was a popularity contest.

Now, I know others will want to dispute my answer. But the wording of the question makes it impossible to dispute my answer. So, why don't you just go on over to the "How many football championships does USC have?" question, and put in your 6 or 11, or whatever? If, on the other hand, you cannot distinguish between the meanings of the words "won" and "have", then by all means, post your incorrect answer here. But I must ask you not to delete the one correct answer here, which is this one.

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Was there a Mateus on the Notre Dame football team?


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When did Football first begin?

Football Beginnings

Modern Football was officially invented in England. The Football Association was established in 1863, with the organisation's first meeting taking place at the Queen's Tavern in London, where the rules for the game were created.

The first League Championship in England began in 1888.

The FA Cup competition began in 1872. Teams from all 4 nations within the UK have taken part at some time or other in its history.

England is referred to as the "Home of Football".

The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, and won by the hosts, who beat Argentina 4:2 in the final.


Introduction: To answer the question fully it is important to define what football is and understand how it has evolved. One common assumption is that the word 'football' describes the kicking action of the foot against the ball. This is etymologically incorrect. The word 'football' is from the English language and from early medieval times the term 'foot ball' was used to describe ball games played on foot, not necessarily with the foot. Taken literally this could include sports such as basketball, netball or volley ball. However, these sports are not considered part of the group of games looked upon as football even though the first basketball game was played using a soccer ball. Traditionally football is a word that has been used to describe a family of ball games which share common origins. This would include sports such as American Football, Rugby football, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football and Association Football to name a few. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have for many years recognised that historically the Ancient Greeks and Romans played a 'foot ball' game comparable to those played in medieval Europe. More recently the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has extended their definition of football to include ancient ball games played in China and Japan despite there being no known connections between these games and those played in medieval Europe. No other World governing body of any other form of football have attempted to redefine the origins of their sport in the way FIFA have. Not surprisingly this has lead to there being some confusion over the origins of Association Football.

Association Football: The rules of Association Football (F.A. rules) were written by Ebenezer Cobb Morley in 1863. To prove any link with F.A. rules and the ancient game played in China it would be necessary to demonstrate that Ebenezer was in some way, directly or indirectly, influenced by the game of 'Cuju' played 500BC. FIFA have attempted to establish links with the British community which lived in 19th centaury China and Cuju speculating they may have taken the rules of Cuju back to England where they were used as a blueprint for Association Football. FIFA were unable to find any evidence to support this hypothesis. Despite this FIFA went on to extensively publicize the idea that in their opinion similarities between the two games amounts to "scientific evidence" even though there are profound differences between the two games and ignoring the fact that from first principles Cuju meaning 'kick ball' contradicts the etymology of 'football' meaning 'a ball game played on foot'. The reality is F.A. Rules Football (1863) and the earlier Cambridge Rules football (1848) both evolved from attempts to standardise the various forms of football which had been played in public schools and in the villages of England for hundreds if not thousands of years. This culminated in the creation of two forms of football 'Soccer' and 'Rugger'. The reason two different football games evolved from the earlier Cambridge Rules was primarily due to the FA rule which prevents outfield players from handling the ball other than for throw-ins to restart the game when the ball leaves the field of play. Some of the founder members Football Association clubs would not accept this rule. Consequently, this led to a split which saw one of the original Football Association clubs, the Blackheath Club, leave the Football Association to help create Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 1871. Ironically the Barns club, another Football Association founder club, which was captained by Ebenezer Cobb Morley against Richmond Football Club in the first ever association rules football match, was later to become a Rugby Union Football Club (RUFC). Today these two games are simply referred to as 'Football' and 'Rugby' respectively in Britain.

Ancient forms of football: there is evidence dating back to 2500 BC that supports the idea the ancient Egyptians played various ball games on foot. Linen balls, some covered in catgut for better bounce, were recovered from Egyptian tombs. However, the rules to Egyptian ball games are unclear so it is debatable weather they were playing games we could look upon as football based on the medieval description of a ball game played on foot. It is documented that the ancient Greeks developed a form of football called 'Episkyros' or 'Phaininda' which they played as early as 2000 BC. This game was played on a pitch between two teams of 12 -14 players. Later on The Romans developed this game further calling their version 'Harpastum'. When the Romans came to Britain they introduced the game to the native Celts only to find they were already played a kicking game. What type of game this was is unclear, but what is known is that there were trade routes that extended to Greece long before the Romans arrived so the Celts may well have been playing a form of Episkyros introduced via the trade routes. What is certain is that the ancient Greeks were playing a form of football 1500 years before the Chinese game of 'Cuju' appeared in China. Incidentally, an image of player ball juggling take from marble relief appears on the UEFA European Cup.

Conclusion: Although the possibility that the Ancient Egyptians played ball games that resemble football cannot be ruled out, the ancient Greeks ball game of Episkyros agrees with the etymology and definition of football by the earliest recorded rules. Later adopted by the Romans and renamed Harpastum, this game is known to have been played in the Roman provinces including Britannia. The game could have spread to China; however, for such as simple game it is more likely the Chinese created their own unique ball game independent of outside influence. The reasons FIFA have extended their definition of football to include ball games which have no historic connection to Association Football is unclear. Having done so it is arguably even more confusing that they ignore the fact the Greeks and Romans were playing ball games that fit the definition of football 1500 years before Cuju was played in China. In recent years FIFA have been promoting their football product in China so perhaps their motives are more financial than ethical. Other research has shown the native populations North and South Americas developed their own unique ball games. This supports the idea playing ball games on foot is a truly global phenomenon with multiple origins and with various localized innovations.

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What is Alabama's record vs Notre Dame?

As of the start of the 2012 season, Alabama and Notre Dame have met six times, all between 1973-1987. In those games, Alabama has won once and Notre Dame has won five times. Notre Dame has outscored Alabama 112-86 in all meetings.

11/14/1987 Alabama 6 - Notre Dame 37

10/4/1986 Alabama 28 - Notre Dame 10

11/15/1980 Alabama 0 - Notre Dame 7

11/13/1976 Alabama 18 - Notre Dame 21

1/1/1975 (Orange Bowl) Alabama 11 - Notre Dame 13

12/31/1973 (Sugar Bowl) Alabama 23 - Notre Dame 24

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Leap Year

Is there a listing of oldest existing collegiate football programs by year?

I've never seen one, but I know that Harvard, Yale, Princton, Cornell, Chicago, and Michigan were all playing in the 1880's. The first ever football game was played by Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 but the rules and the game in general didn't resemble today's game... I believe it was soccer with tackling. Each team also had 25 players. Rutgers University played the first football game vs Princeton in New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 6, 1869. Rutgers won 6 - 4. Each point is believed to represent a touchdown. Rutgers uses the slogan "The Birthplace of College Football".

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What is the value of a poster depicting the 1936 Notre Dame football team signed by all players including coach Elmer Layden?

An appraisal on such an item as this is difficult without additional info, but vintage memorabilia documenting the storied Fighting Irish is always in demand, particularly from years in which Notre Dame won a national championship. Unfortunately, 1936 was an off-year for the perennial powerhouse Irish, who failed to crack the top-ten in the national rankings of '36, (they would finish ranked 11th). Yet, a number of All-Americans are represented on this squad and the inclusion of original Four Horseman Elmer Layden would certainly add to the desirability of this piece to a dedicated ND collector. Precise value would be determined by a number of additional factors, including crispness and clarity of the signatures, placement and location of the signatures, and the size and condition of the poster itself. Generally speaking, if the autographs are authentic, and the piece is in overall presentable shape, this piece of Notre Dame history would fetch a minimum of $250, and likely more, depending on the aforementioned criteria. Many important questions regarding authenticity, condition, vintage, and thus, value, can be addressed more quickly and accurately with photos. A decent picture is often worth the proverbial thousand words. Feel free to forward photos (jpegs are best) to for an accurate and prompt appraisal or for additional information related to your vintage sports memorabilia. We're happy to help.

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How many Rhodes scholars from university of notre dame?


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What is the current student enrollment at the University of Notre Dame?

about 7500 undergrads and 4000 grad students

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When was the last time Notre Dame beat Ohio State in Football?

1936 in South Bend by the score of 7-2. The two schools have played three times since then (1995, 1996, 2006) with Ohio State winning each game.

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When did Rudy go to Notre Dame?

Rudy was accepted to Notre Dame in 1974 and his famous football game took place on November 8, 1975. He also graduated in 1975.

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How old is Notre Dame?

== == It depends on to which part you are referring? Construction began in 1163. The choir was finished in 1182 followed by the Nave in 1208, and the towers sometime between 1225-1250. Other minor alterations and additions were carried out until the initial completion of construction in 1345. Over the next four hundred years, Notre Dame was pillaged, plundered, and partially deconstructed before falling into general disrepair by the time the French Revolution ravaged ParisAt one point, the interior spaces were even used as a food warehouse. In 1845, a twenty-three year long restoration project was begun by Lassus and Viollet-le-Duc. Further improvement projects have been undertaken periodically since then and today Notre Dame is one of the most beloved and widely recognized monuments in Paris.france

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What is the minimum SAT or ACT score needed for Stanford university?

I found a pretty good explanation here:

From what I hear, the university wants students to generally have at least a 700 in each subject area. There are definitely exceptions - but they have to be exceptional to make up for that. Of course that is never reason to NOT apply, just a general guideline. You should always apply to the college of your dreams. But you can put in your information on that website and they'll give you a free prediction about whether or not you'll get in. A website like that isn't perfect but it will give you a good idea of where you fit into the applicant pool. (accepted and rejected students)

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Who did 'The Seven Mules' block for?

The 1924 Notre Dame championship team featured the Four Horsemen, but the linemen were the Seven Mules. This is the year they also took their first national title at the end of a 10-0 season. The Seven Mules were: Joe Bach, tackle; Chuck Collins, end; Ed Hunsinger, end; Noble Kizer, guard; Rip Miller, tackle; Adam Walsh, center; John Weibel, guard; Edgar "Rip" Miller, Rip Miller was the last to pass away in 1992. Information obtained from several sources including

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Before Gary Crowton when was the last time a coach got fired at the end of a season in which his team had beaten Notre Dame?

Officially, Gary Crowton resigned/stepped down and was not fired.

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What is the meaning of Notre Dame's name?

It means "Our Lady" referring to the Virgin Mary.

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Who leads the series between Iowa vs Notre dame football?

Notre Dame leads the all time series 13-8-3 ... the teams last met in 1968.

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When was Marc Edwards carried off the field?

After the '95 USC game.

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Did Mike Hart transfer to Notre Dame?


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What Notre Dame football players wore jersey number7?

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What are pantone numbers for University of Notre Dame School colors?

289 Blue116 Gold347 Green


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