The clarinet, a single reed instrument in the woodwind family of instruments, has found a home in both classical and jazz music. Questions about clarinets, clarinet players, and clarinet music belong here.

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Is the trumpet harder to play than the clarinet?

As a clarinet player who has several friends who are trumpet players I would not want to argue that point with them. Each musical instrument comes with its own set of difficulties and it takes practice and a lot of listening to constantly improve oneself. Clarinet players need to deal with their reeds not always working properly, different/alternate fingerings to help play in tune and listening for an even tone moving through the different registers of the instrument. Trumpet players have their own set of problems and I'm sure you can find a friend to find out what they are.

I am a trumpet player and the difficulty with the trumpet is embouchure. All notes are played with your lips. To understand this more, you should ask a trumpet player in your band to give you a lesson.


How much is a 1960's clarinet worth?

That's almost like asking how long is a piece of string. If the clarinet is metal/plastic or rubber,it falls into the student line category. If it is wooden, has a name brand attached to it [BUFFET/LEBLANC/SELMER/YAMAHA/PETER EATON/] and very few others it would have more value. If a professional level clarinet had just had an overhaul, all the plating and pads/corks are as new, a 1960s clarinet would/could be valued at $1000-2000.


How do you play E sharp on clarinet?

E sharp is enharmonic (sounds the same as an F). The f fingerings are just your thumb (if it's on the bottom space of the staff), your left thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, and your pointer finger on your left hand (if it's on the top line on the staff), or (if its a high f) you use both pinkys and your middle and ring finger on your left hand. Hope this helps!


What is the fingering for D sharp on the clarinet?

It's the same as Eb.

like you're playing D natural, but add the 4th key on the right side of the clarinet.

Low D# - you add the lowest side key onto normal D as explained above

High D# - you and your pinky to high D as you would for low G#

Really High D# - you add right hand forth finger onto the little key between finger 2 and 3 to your normal very high D fingering!

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What holds a clarinet reed in place?

A ligature holds the reed in place. It goes on top of the mouthpiece and has a screw (or two) for you to tighten, yet it leaves enough room for the reed to vibrate and produce a sound. There are many different kinds of ligatures, although they're all basically the same. They are made of leather or silver/nickel.

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What are the blues scales on clarinet?

pattern: 1, flat 3, 4, sharp 4, 5, flat 7 and 8

C blues: C, E♭, F, F♯, G, B♭, C

use the pattern with any major scale to figure out the blues scale

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What kind of wood are clarinet reeds made out of?


Here's some info:

There are also synthetic reeds available.

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How many octaves dose a clarinet have?

Using a Soprano Bb Clarinet as reference, the usual range is around 3-3 and 1/2 octaves, depending on who you ask. But technically, the clarinet has an unlimited range, as the reed allows the clarinet to have an infinite possibility of notes, depending on how fast the reed vibrates.


How can you improve your tone on clarinet?

You can change your read. Move it up or down and try blowing into it. If its no better do it again.

And if your sounding too sharp or too flat, you might want to get a tuner to fix that too. You can also try blowing more air and adding more mouthpeice.

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Which is the better resin clarinet?

The Selmer CL300/301, Leblanc Vito L7212/7214, Buffet B-12, and Yamaha YCL-250 are all quality entry-level resin clarinets. Try them all if you can. Pick the one that fits you and your pocketbook the best. Expect to pay between $600 ~ $1000 new.

In my opinion the Buffet (B-12) suffers a little due to the thin material used to make the keys. Nevertheless it is a popular and often recommended model.

Personally, I'd suggest a used Normandy Resotone or Buffet Evette if it is in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. They're inexpensive (particularly the Normandy) and are commonly found at online auctions. Having all the pads replaced and tuned up is also fairly inexpensive,. In the end you'll have a high quality clarinet at a much lower cost.

By the way, if you're intending on using the clarinet outdoor - like for marching band - consider having it re-padded using Valentino waterproof pads. Though I can't recommend doing this, a resin clarinet + Valentino pads can be immersed in water and come out ready to play!

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How many years has the clarinet been around for?

Considering that Denner invented it in 1690 that would make it 419 years old as of 2009.


Who played Bambi Cummings in Down in the valley?

Rachel Specter

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What is the best clarinet barrel?

The Buffet Moening barrel, best suited for the R13, is a great barrel that helps focus the tone and improve intonation

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How long do braces have to stay on and how much do they usually cost and what color of bands are available?


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Most offices have lots and lots of colors. Clear, grey, white, many shades of red, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, green, etc. They have some with a bit of sparkles in them. Shades of brown. Probably black. Every office will have a little bit different variety, but they all have lots of colors.

More input from FAQ Farmers:

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Colored braces are a cool new trend but, they make you need braces a lot longer.

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If you or your parents decide that you need braces, you're bound to have pain. I should know, I have had them for going on 3 months now. You DO NOT want to skip an appointment, that just makes the treatment longer. Also, go to, it will tell you exactly what is going to happen- when you get your braces on for the first time, wire changing, and many other useful things. If you have bad eyeteeth (like I do), then you'll have to have rubber bands to pull them down. Just a little tip: they HURT! You can't eat with rubber bands in. Also, rubber bands can only be used once. They have to be changed at least once a day. And actually, colored braces are the same price as the other kind, and they DON'T make you need braces longer.

my braces cost $5850 and i have a very minor case..

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Is the h freeman clarinet wood or plastic?

= H. Freeman clarinets are almost always wooden. Most models you'll find online are vintage makes from France or New York. Great clarinets. =

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What part of the clarinet vibrates?

The reed is the only part on a clarinet that vibrates... this makes the sound.

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Marching Bands

Are there clarinets in the marching band?

Yes, sometimes. In most high school bands, there are clarinets and other woodwinds (flutes, piccolos, saxophones, etc.) It depends on the discretion of the band director. She or he may choose to only have certain woodwind instruments, like saxophones, because of their projection ability, and so on and so forth.

In some college bands, however, it's only brass and drums. There are independent pageantry organizations called drum corps that use entirely brass and percussion only.

College Degrees
Colleges and Universities
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Academic Majors

What are the best colleges for music and clarinet performance?

Dear check for:

  • Indira Kala Sangeet University
  • Lovely Professional University
  • KM Music Conservatory
  • Rabindra Bharati University
  • Swathi Thirunal College of Music
  • Visva-Bharati University
  • University of Kerala

Some of these universities also offer scholarship at the time of admission. For more info check there website.

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How old is a Besson Westminster clarinet number 190342?


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What are the notes for skater boy on clarinet?

i dont have a clue but i may be able to play it on recorder

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Does the clarinet sound higher than the flute?

It depends on the note you are playing. Some notes are higher on the flute even if you are playing the same note on the clarinet and vice-versa.


When were the Yamaha YCL-24 Clarinets made?


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How old is Bundy clarinet serial number 559673?

According to the Bundy serial number listing, number 559673 was manufactured between 1970 (520000) and 1975 (630000).


How do you describe a clarinet?

It is a woodwind instrument, usually black with silver keys and "trimmings"(like the bell has silver color on it, and the other joints). It is about the length of an arm. It has many different keys on it, one main key the back, and six main ones on the front, along with other ones that are pressed by the side of a finger, or the pinky. Many of the keys work together so you do not have to hold a lot down with one finger. It has a thumbholder on the back of the lower joint, to assist in holding the instrument.

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How much is wood devillier clarinet worth?

DeVillier wood clarinets are quite rare, having been in limited production only in the early to mid 1950s. They are small bore horns, similar to Selmer models 9-star and 10. Keywork was nickel silver; the wood is grenadilla. Intonation is much better than average, but volume in the low register suffered due to their small bore. Some would say "soft and mellow" is their sound. Expect to pay no more than $250 for one in excellent cosmetic and playing condition.


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