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Bach married his second cousin Maria Barbara Bach in 1707. They had seven children, four of whom survived to adulthood:

  • Catharina Dorothea (28 December 1708 - 14 January 1774).
  • Wilhelm Friedemann (22 November 1710 - 1 July 1784).
  • Carl Philipp Emanuel (8 March 1714 - 14 December 1788).
  • Johann Gottfried Bernhard (11 May 1715 - 27 May 1739).

Maria died in 1720, and Bach married Anna Magdalena Wickle in 1721. They had a further thirteen children, six of whom survived to adulthood:
  • Gottfried Heinrich (1724-63)
  • Elisabeth Juliana Friederica, called "Lieschen" (1726-81)
  • Johann Christoph Friedrich, the 'Bückeburg' Bach (1732-95)
  • Johann Christian, the 'London' Bach (1735-82)
  • Johanna Carolina (1737-81)
  • Regina Susanna (1742-1809)
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Q: How many children did J S Bach have?
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What are facts about J S Bachs children?

J S Bach had a total of 20 children with his two wives, but ten of the children didn't survive infancy. Unly 3 of Bach's children became musicions .

What do the initials J S stand for in J S Bach?

Johann Sebastian Bach

How many cantatas did J S Bach write?

Bach wrote approximately 256 cantatas.

Who was first beethoven Mozart or bach?

J. S. Bach

What was J S Bach's nationality?

Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany.

Why was J S Bach famous?

J. S. Bach was a famous German composer who lived in the Baroque period. He was a organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist.

In what year did bach die?

J. S. Bach died in the year 1750.

Was j s bach deaf?

No ... never was.

J S Bach was an accomplished?


Who inspired j s bach?


What was J S Bach's first piece?

the most metal of all from what made bach's music great in the first place bach's "niccol paganini" not a piece of music, but a. Sleepers awake by j s bach played by bob crisp - associated from j s bach s orchestral suite no 2 in b minor has become one of the most famous show-pieces since it became one of the favorite bach ringtones on the first.

When did J. S. Bach die?

In the year 1750

Who wrote 6 brandenburg concerto?

J S Bach

How old was J S Bach when he went blind?

why was he blind

When did J S Bach start playing a piano?

Bach never really played PIANO but he did play organs and such

How many kids does john s bach have?

Johann Sebastian Bach had 7 children to his first wife and 13 to his second wife making a total of 20. 10 of the children did not survive childhood.

What was the last song J S Bach wrote?

Volbach Portrait

What kind of music did J S Bach write?

church music

What were the jobs of j s bach?

He was an organist partly and worked for the church.

What day was J S Bach born?

Msrch 1, 1685

What are the release dates for Crescendo - 2003 J-S- Bach Tribute 1-18?

Crescendo - 2003 J-S- Bach Tribute 1-18 was released on: USA: 19 November 2003

What are the release dates for Omnibus - 1952 The Music of J-S- Bach 5-22?

Omnibus - 1952 The Music of J-S- Bach 5-22 was released on: USA: 31 March 1957

What was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach music like?

Much like his father, J S Bach, but with more of a classical feel.

What religion was Germany at the time of J S Bach?

Romano-catholicism and lutheranism

What genres did J S Bach cultivate?

He helped form classical music