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Michael Jackson had 2 sons, one named Prince Michael and the other named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and one daughter named Paris Michael Katherine.

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Did Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe have children?

Yes, They did have children. Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson had two children together. Prince Michael Jackson & Paris Jackson.

Did Michael Jackson ever abuse his children?

No, Michael Jackson did not abuse his children.

Are Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson I Michael Jackson's biological children?

Paris and Prince Michael were Debbie Rowe's children with Michael Jackson as the father.There are numerous conspiracy theories that state Michael Jackson is not the natural father of his children, however there is no prove to any of these theories

How many children did Michael Jackson have and by whom?

Michael Jackson had 3 kids two boys and one girl His sons names were Prince Michael and Prince Michael II His daughters name is Paris Jackson.

How many children does Michael Jackson have and what is there names?

he has 3 children Paris Prince and Bigi (blanket)

Who are the children of Debbie Rowe with Michael Jackson?

The two eldest children are Debbie Rowe's. Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.

How many children does Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson has three children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Prince), who was born 13 February 1997 Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, who was born 3rd April 1998 Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket), who was born 21st February 2002 The two oldest children are from Michael's second wife Debbie Rowe. One child (Blanket) is from an unidentified surrogate mother.

Who is Michael Jackson in a relationship with?

Michael Jackson died at June 25. He was single.

What are the 3 Jackson children famous for?

The three Jackson children are famous becaue of their dad,Michael Jackson.

Did Michael Jackson have kids?

Michael Jackson had three children; Prince Michael Paris Katherine Prince Michael II (Blanket)

Is it really true Paris and Prince are not the biological children of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is the paternal parent to three children. Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson are his biological children. How they were conceived has been under much scrutiny.

Did Michael Jackson collaborate with other musicians?

Michael Jackson wrote we are the Word We are the Children and sang it with many other musicians. He did a number of songs with Paul McCarthy.

Are Michael Jacksons children his biological children?

According to their mothers, Michael Jackson is the natural father.

Who will get Michael Jackson's kids?

Now that Michael Jackson has died, his children will go to his mother, Katherine Jackson.

How old is Michael Jackson children are?

Paris Jackson Now 22, Prince Jackson Now 23 And Prince Michael Jackson || Now 18

Who was with Michael Jackson when he died?

He was alone. Jackson is survived by his three children: Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II. His Doctor Conrad Murray was with him according to the 911 call!

Was Michael Jackson the first Jackson to die?

The Jacksons had ten children, including Michael. If you don't count Brandon Jackson, who died at birth, then Michael Jackson was the first of the siblings to die.

Is there a Michael Jackson museum?

There are many Michael Jackson exhibits.

Is Michael Jackson mean?

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 (died of cardiac attack) He was a very nice person. he donated to many charities and didnt care about money, he cared about his children and fans we wil all miss Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Michael Jackson is the nicest man in the world if a country needed money Michael Jackson will donate

Does Michael Jackson kidnap children?

No, Michael Jackson has never been convicted of any child abuse.No he definitely has not

Who will be responsible for Michael Jackson children?

Mrs. Katherine Jackson, or Michael Jackson's kids' grandmother, is responsible for them. She is looking after them.

How many people died in the Jackson family?

Two Jackson children have died; Brandon (Marlon's twin) died and birth, and Michael.

Did Michael Jackson like children?

Yes, he loved children very much he loved every one Michael Jackson gave lots of money to Charity's

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