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Q: How many children did guiseppe verdi have?
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Who were verdi's parent's name?

carlo guiseppe Verdi and luigia uttini

Did Guiseppe Verdi ever marry?

yes he did

Who is Guiseppe Verdi?

A composer - Charles Green

How old was Guiseppe Verdi when he started to compose?


When was guiseppe Verdi born?

October 10, 1813

Who is the composer in Anvil Chorus the song?

Guiseppe Verdi

Who composed this piece of classical music La Traviata?

Guiseppe Verdi

What does verdi mean in English?

It means green. Yes, in English the famous opera composer Guiseppe Verdi is Joe Green.

What were the names of Guiseppe Verdi's sisters?

he had a sister named virginia who died young.

What instrument did verdi play?

Hi Guys! :) Guiseppe Verdi played the organ and started learning when he was 7.

Who composed the Don Carlos opera?

The opera Don Carlos was composed by Guiseppe Verdi. Verdi was one of the great romantic composers of the 19th century before his death in 1901 after having a stroke.

Who were Giuseppe Verdi's children?

Verdi had two children, Virginia and Icilio. They both died very young at infancy