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Lady Gaga has no children at the minute, but only she knows for sure how many she'd like.

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probably not at her age but she would probably keep it to herself if she thought about it

it's lady gaga if you want a proof you can read it in

It depends if you want almost nude pics or modeling pics if you want nude pics type in lady gaga almost nude then if you want modeling pics type lady gaga pics

if you want to dress up like lady gaga , nothing is too... "out there"

No. According to 99.7's Frenando and Greg, Lady Gaga is scared of kids and does not want to have them. Whoever asked this question, the next question you want to ask to complete your mission is "Why is Lady Gaga scared of kids?"

lady gaga..................................... lady gaga....................... ra ra ahahah romaromama gaga hahaha want your bad romance

Lady Gaga will be a popular choise for girls this year. If you do not want to chance finding a costume at your regular retail store, try shopping online at which has a good selection of Lady Gaga costumes, wigs and other accessories for children and adults.

Lady Gaga is a singer because ever since she was little she would sing :)

Lady GaGa because Lady GaGa has won many awards and she has a good attitude unlike Bieber he may be handsome but he has a bad attitude there was once a person want to have an autograph for her daughter but justin bieber denied and push him away while Lady GaGa . . . . . :)))))))

she wanted to get notist

Lady Gaga has expressed that she would like a child in the future, but she chooses to focus on her career at this time.

First of all, Lady Gaga was born woman, second of all, who doesn't want to be a girl? :P

Google it. It's actually quite lame that you would want to know anyways.. Lady Gaga fails.

Well why would anyone know that because lady gaga has her own life and she values her privacy.

It was originally made for Britney Spears but she didn't want it so Lady GaGa did the song with Beyonce.

I cannot imagine a responsible parent finding any redeemable qualities in Lady Gaga, in fact, she frightens the devil out of me, and I am nearing sixty. This is an opinion question. Lady Gaga expresses herself openly, and many people admire that and want their kids to express themselves and have a voice. This does not mean every parent who agrees with this statement wants their kids to look like lady gaga. It means that they want their kids to have a voice and show it, through any way, wether its through clothes/looks or social networking etc. However many people think Lady Gaga is weird, and do not want their kids to look up to someone like that.

because she wants to be crazy

this is not yet been answered but they really don't think so yet because lady gaga doesn't want to.

Because Lady Gaga doesn't conform to his standards, plus he is probably attracted to her on some level, and doesn't want to admit it

Lady Gaga felt she was always a performer, and was singer and dancing in bars at the age of 14. She was always for the music.

I'm not sure but I don't believe so. lady gaga is a girl for all those people who want to know. well you probably already know but yes lady gaga is a man. for those who don't believe what i am writing. and you think I'm crazy it not possible. well it is guys can get surgery to be a lady. what do you think her name stands for I mean seriously lady gaga. lady probably stands for im not a lady and gaga probly stands for im a man. but we all want to know the real answer and the answer is yes she is a man. this answer taht lady gaga is man by Sammy23422

Lady Gaga does wear pant's, just not that often. The reason why she doesn't wear pants that often is because she just doesn't want to.

I want your love and I want your revenge I want your love :-)

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