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Statistics are compiled by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Here is a report for 1998 Pediatric Exposure to Pharmaceutical Substances:

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Q: How many children get sick or die from prescription drug accidents?
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Is Viagra a prescription only drug?

Yes of course! Viagra is 100% prescription only drug in many countries.

What type of drug is prescription drug?

A prescription drug is a drug that, by law, must be obtained from a licensed pharmacy (you cannot get it off the drug store shelves) and which cannot be legally obtained without a prescription from a doctor. There are thousands of different kinds of prescription drugs, which are used to treat myriad different ailments. Far too many to list here.

How many children died each year by traffic accidents?

Around 2000 children died each year due to road accidents.

Is there a prescription for ADHD?

Yes; there are many prescription drug treatments approved to treat ADHD. Please see the related questions.

How many people died from prescription drug abuse in 2011?

Too many. Legalize the herb

How many children per year die in car accidents worldwide?

Millions and millions of Children

Is drug abuse the same as drug prescription?

No. Drug abuse is using drugs the wrong way, like taking too many or taking dangerous ones and becoming addicted. A drug prescription is an instruction from a doctor to a chemist to give the person particular drugs, outlining the correct doses.

How many Americans do not have prescription drug coverage?

At least 50 Million, possibly as many as 100 million or more.

How many people are arrested for prescription drug abuse each year in America?

over 1000

What are other forms of the word prescription?

The RxList drug medical dictionary contains definitions and explanations of many medical terms including prescription medication abbreviations.

How many children die from firearms accidents?

More than 500 annually in the US.

How many children are killed in car accidents each year?

over 100,456,79,80 to be presice

How many bicycle accidents occur every year?

It is said that about 800 people die each year from bicycle accidents. The majority of these accidents are involving children under 18 and it is statistically proven that more males happen to get into bicycle accidents.

How many children die in a day?

There are hundreds of children that die every single day. These children die from diseases, from hunger, from abuse, and from freak accidents.

Will you fail a drug test from one xanax?

No, Xanax is a legal drug prescribed. Yes, the prescription drug xanax will show up on a drug test. Unless you have a valid prescription for it, you will fail the drug test. These types of drugs are in the benzodiazapine family and are one of many that the lab performing the drug test would be looking for first-due to the fact it is "one" of the most abused drugs. Unless your body has had enough time to excrete the drug out of your system you will fail.

How many days back does the swab drug test detect prescription pills?

It goes back almost a year

How many people are addicted to prescription drugs?

It's estimated that approximately 9 million people currently struggle with a prescription drug addiction in America. As far as how many people throughout the world, I have no idea. Sorry!

What prescription drug can look like illegal drugs on a test?

Many prescription drugs are particularly looked for by drug tests because they can be abused, prescriptions like adderallor ritalin (stimulants/Amphetamines.) will come up on a drug test in the same category as methamphetamine. and drugs like xanax will show up as benzodiazapenes

How many deaths are caused by prescription drugs?

I don't know the exact number, but many teenagers, and even children and adults, stock up on their drugs right from the medicine cabinet. They can use these prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs for suicide, etc.

Is riboflavin a prescription drug?

No, it's a vitamin that you'll see listed on many nutrition labels including breakfast cereals.

When do Home Depot drug test?

Whenever they want. - - - - - Home Depot has three kinds of drug tests: pre-employment after-incident (mostly forklift accidents, of which they have many) reasonable suspicion.

How many children die from car accidents?

Nearly a million people around the works die a year

How many children aged 14 and under are killed per day in automobile accidents?

4 to 6

Can using prescription drugs for a prolong period affect homeostasis?

It all depends on the drug, but yes. Many drugs, even prescription ones, can and will affect your body's functions and disturb it's natural balance.

A prescription calls for 500mg of a drug that you have in a 125mg5ml concentration How many ml of liquid do you need?

5 * 500 / 125 =20 ml