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Every day, about four children die in the U.S. because of abuse or neglect, most of them babies or toddlers.

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i am do a report on abused children and i want to know how many children have been abused in the last year.

There is no way to tell exactly how many children were abused in 1980. It is estimated that many thousands of children were abused.

at least 1.3 million children get abused in a year

There are more than 1,700 FAQ about Abused Children on WikiAnswers.

The pope has abused no children.

906,000 children are abused each year.

42,000 animals have been abused because of the pope

about 987654321 trillion children around the world

hundreds of dogs every day are abused

how many children get abuse in a year in the UK? how many children get abuse in a year in the UK?

About every one in three children get abused daily.

if four children die a day and 1500 die each year form abuse, just imagine how many are just abused and tortured. just imagine thousands and thousands of children...

A 2004 report said that nearly 17% of adult women and 8% of adult men had been abused as children.

As of January 19, 2009, 53 KIDS are sexually abused each day.

1 in ten children get abused by a family member or close family friend) : sad isent it?

i don't know but in a year it is about 1 million

thousands and many more that are never reported.

too many probably millions or billions

There are many different online sites regarding child abuse statistics in the USA. Some of them are national sites and others are state sites. Some of these sites include "safehorizon, childhelp, dreamcatchers, and everychildmatters." These statistics may tell how many people have abused children, but not necessarily how many children have been abused.

About 10%, or perhaps as many as 40%, of abusive parents were themselves physically abused as children, but most abused children do not grow up to be abusive parents.

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Because there were too many animals been abused.

his is a serious subject i dont agree with it

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