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There is around severn main cities in the british isles!

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Q: How many cities are there in the British Isles?
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What cities make up the British Isles?

The British Isles are not a group of cities, but rather a group of relatively large, heavily populated and industrialised islands/nations. There are hundreds of cities on the British Isles. The British Isles are a group two main islands - Great Britain and Irealand, plus hundreds of smaller islands, such as the Isle of Man and the Orkneys. A $5 atlas or a search on the web or even in wikipedia will garner the answers you seek...

How many continents in the British isles?

The British Isles are all contained within the continent of Europe.

How many square miles is the british isles?

The British Isles cover an area of around 121,000 square miles.

Top 30 most populated towns and cities in the British Isles?

london and yo moma

What two large river islands comprise the British isles?

There are many river islands in the British Isles but no two comprise them

How many tourists does the british isles get per year?

over 23 million people visit the British isles every year

How many countries is the british isles made up of?

As a geographical group, the British Isles are comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Is there a leader of the British Isles?

No, there is no single leader of the British Isles. What is called the British Isles has a number of countries and they each have their own leaders. The British Isles is a geographical reference, not a political one.

How many rivers are in the british isles?

Don't no hahahahha

What name is given to the combined areas of the United Kingdoms and Ireland?

British Isles

Is Romania one of the British Isles?

No. Romania is a long way from the British Isles. It is in easter n Europe and the British Isles are in western Europe.

What is the smallet country in the British isles?

Ireland is the smallest country in the British Isles