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There's no information about the average claims made against Churchill Insurance annually. They do, however, provide customer service and insurance feedback from people.

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Q: How many claim are made each year against Churchill Insurance?
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What is each and every claim mean in an insurance policy?

each and every claim = all claims

What term describes the amount you pay on each insurance claim you have?


Do the cost of insurance rises with each claim?

it may but most likely the do

Does a deductible have to be paid each time you file a claim under homeowners insurance?

The deductible applies to every individual claim.

How many years can an insurance company charge for a claim?

Each insurance company is different, can range from 3-10 years.

What does Excess applies each and every claim mean in an insurance policy?

Excess applies

What does each occurrence mean in liability insurance?

An occurrence is a loss, or a claim filed on the policy.

How long do you have to file an insurance claim after an accident?

Each state has different time periods of filing an insurance claim after an accident. Check with you state to make sure you do not miss the filing period.

How does insurance protect against economic loss?

The insurance company will establish a special self- insurance fund for this purpose each year.

Are car insurance deductibles cumulative or per claim?

Car insurance deductibles are the amount which the policy holder must pay out of their own pocket in the event of an accident. It is standard for deductibles to be applicable for each claim.

I bought an insurance policy for each of my two daughters away in college. The Hanover Insurance Group’s website says that the electronics of my children would be insured against theft, water damage, vandalism. They refuse to pay my claim. What can I do.?

You'll need to review your policy and determine if they have any basis to deny the claim. If they do not have a legal basis to deny the claim, tell them that you'll be contacting a lawyer, and then follow through with a suit.

What do the limits of insurance mean?

The limit is the maximum amount of $$ the company will pay for each component arising out of a claim.

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