Mount Everest

How many cm high is mount Everest?


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Mount Everest has a height of 885,000cm


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Mount Everest rises 0.5 in. (1 cm.) each year.== Answer == it grows a rate of 2.4 inches a year but because of weathering it also shrinksIt is said that Mount Everest grows by a couple of milimeters every year.

Geologic forces are pushing Mount Everest 2.5 to 15 cm with every passing year along with the rest of the Himalayas.

It's either cm or mm. Along with the rest of the Himalayas Everest is rising 2.5 inches per year

its because of the force of the ground is pushing up on the mountain which forces it to grow at least 1.6 cm every year.

Everest is about 8848 meters in height but the tectonic plates push Everest 4 to 10 cm higher each year so soon it will be 8849 then 8850 but for now it is 8848.

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Mt. Everest grows 15 cm a year. That is active by any standard but not active as in volcano like.

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