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Q: How many colleges in Philadelphia area?
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What colleges are in Philadelphia?

four colleges in philadelphia

How many schools are in philadelphia?

29 universities and colleges.

How many 5 digit zipcodes in the Philadelphia area?

In Philadelphia, 74 five digit zip codes are there.

Why is Philadelphia called center city?

Philadelphia has many sections such as South Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, and West Philadelphia. Center City is in the center of all of them and is the main industrial area of the city.

What are the most esteemed colleges in the Phoenix area?

There are many colleges and universities in the Phoenix area. Some of the best known ones are The University of Phoenix, Bowling Green State and Strayer University.

How many Italians live in Philadelphia?

I read in a local Philly newspaper that there are just about 400,000 Italians that live in the Philadelphia area.

What sort of training is available to qualify for nurse psychiatric jobs in Philadelphia?

There are many programs in community colleges around Philadelphia. All of them will have some sort of program that you can enroll in that will prepare you for psychiatric jobs.

What colleges in Maine are there?

There are many colleges in Maine. You can find them at this web which offers a comprehensive list of all schools in your area.

What colleges are in Maine?

There are many colleges in Maine. You can find them at this web which offers a comprehensive list of all schools in your area.

How many schools are in Gilbert Arizona?

several colleges in immediate area, 42 public schools.

What is the area code for Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia is in area codes 215 and 267. The suburbs are in area codes 610 and 484.

What is the area of College of Physicians of Philadelphia?

The area of College of Physicians of Philadelphia is 4,046.8564224 square meters.

What is the area of Philadelphia National Cemetery?

The area of Philadelphia National Cemetery is 53,823.19041792001 square meters.

Are there any colleges in North America where teaching German is possible?

There are many colleges around your area whose available to teaching German.If you look throughout the colleges listed there,you will find that some offer German classes.

Are there Ivy League colleges in Philadelphia?

"There is currently an Ivy League college in Philadelphia by the name of, The University of Pennsylvania, or also known as Penn."

What colleges are good for a pharmacy major?

Type your answer here... The University of Sciences in Philadelphia.

What is the phone number for Philadelphia Movers?

The phone number for Philadelphia Movers in Philadelphia,PA at 1932 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia would be(215) 259-8703. These are among many movers in the same area.

The Benefits of Attending College in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to a large variety of colleges and universities. Many of the colleges in Pennsylvania offer a wide variety of degree programs. For many students, one of the main benefits of attending college in Pennsylvania is the history of the state. Many Pennsylvania colleges are steeped in history and are known as some of the best colleges in the nation. Another benefit of attending a college in Pennsylvania is the cultural diversity found in many cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Are there any fashion design classes for teens in the Seattle area?

Yes, there are fashion design classes for teens in the Seattle area including classes at many local colleges. The Seattle Chamber of Commerce has listings of all colleges and programs.

What is a list of colleges and universities in CA?

There are many different colleges in CA. I will not list all of them because of the vast variety. Go to a search and look for a specific area of study or location.

What are some good business colleges?

The Wharton Business School at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

What are the top pharmacy colleges in Georgia?

There are several pharmacy colleges that are located in Georgia. Some of the top colleges are University of Georgia, Mercer University, South University-Savannah, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Where can I find information on community colleges in Michigan?

There are many good community colleges in the Michigan area. A comprehensive list can be found on the following Good luck with your future studies.

Area code 360 covers what area of Philadelphia?

Area code 360 covers that famous area of Philadelphia called "western Washington State, excluding the Seattle metro area."Philadelphia and the inner suburbs use area codes 215 and 267. The outer suburbs use area codes 610 and 484.

How many schools are in Las Vegas?

1 universities, 2 state colleges, 277 public schools in area.