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13 states and 13 colonies

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Q: How many colonies or states signed the Constitution?
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How many states signed the constitution?

The original 13 colonies had Representatives to sign the Constitution, but only 12 of those colonies had representatives. So the answer is 12 states had people who signed the Constitution.

How many states signed the constitution at the time of its writing?

13 states

What happend when the bill of rights was added to the constitution?

Nothing happened. The documents were approved and became our foundation of the government.

How many states were represented constitution?

the 13 original colonies

What happened when the congress pledged to add the bill of rights to the constitution?

Many states signed the Constitution

How many of the thirteen state did sign the U.S constitution?

The Number of states that signed the Constitution was nine.

What happened when congress pledged to ad the bill of rights to the constitution?

Many states signed the Constitution.

How many deligetes signed the decloration of independence?

The declaration of independence was signed by 56 representatives from the original 13 colonies

How many states had to ratify the constitution to make it official?

9 out of the 13 states/colonies had to ratify the Constitution to make it official.

How many states did the US have during the writing of the constitution?

The thirteen original colonies

What were the jobs of the men who signed the Constitution?

Most were lawyers. Many were plantation owners , and a few businessmen. They were the cream of the colonies.

How many stars on the American Flag when the Constitution was signed?

There were 13 stars because at the time America had 13 colonies.