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i hope that our eyes can cababule to see more than 3000 sades

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 05:12:01
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Q: How many color your eyes can seen?
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Why does a persons eyes change color when they are dying?

I have seen many people die and have never seen the color of their eyes change.

What color are pit bulls eyes?

Pit Bulls can have many different eye colors. I have two and their eyes are brown and a light carmel color. I have seen blue , yellow and greenish also.

What color were St. Francis of Assisi's eyes?

None of the biographies on Francis that I have seen mention the color of his eyes,

Do your eyes change color as you age?

Yes, the cells within the iris may lose part of their ability to maintain the intensity of color as seen when the person was younger. Consequently, many elderly individuals seem to have softer hues of color in their eyes as they get older.

What is the color of rian dawson's eyes?

From the pictures I've seen they look to be brown!

Have humans always seen in color?

not all,maybe they have eyes defect, or illness

What color are a bumble bee's eyes?

I've seen photos of bumble bees with green eyes and brown eyes. I have my own photo of one with blue eyes.

What color eyes are puppy eyes?

they can be many different colors

What color are fox eyes at night?

Red and yellow have seen them pure white also.

Do blind people lose the color of their eyes?

No, if you have seen a blind person they do have their eye color. It is only the inside of the eye that changes.

Can lions have different color eyes?

yes but it is highly uncommon i have never seen it happen they can have green hazel or even blue eyes

What color is Damian McGintys eyes?

The most beautiful blue you've ever seen in your life.

Why do the eyes of the cat blue at night when seen of the flashlight?

because thats the color thats reflected

Can colors be seen at night?

no you can not see colors at night because color is the eyes perception of refracted light

What color are the Simpson's eyes?

Only seen in one episode, Marge's are Hazel, the others have not been stated.

Why is it there isn't a color that has never been seen?

Well, there are a lot of colors that we haven't seen because our eyes can't see it. We can only see ROYGBIV.

What is color-?

Color is the property of an object that is seen by the eye. there are many different colors.

How can you make your blue eyes brown?

Actors change the color of their eyes with contact lenses. Turning the color of your eye color permanently is out of the question. I recommend an optometrist prescribe lens over getting them off the street. I've seen cat eyes, flag eyes and other off the wall and people who bought them from friends sometimes scratched their cornea.

How many color of eyes are there?

Generally, many shades of blue or brown.

What color are michaela Erin Davis's eyes?

hazel. i should know because I've seen her up close.

What is the color your eyes?

The color of my eyes is a medium brown (very pretty color)

What shades are good for brown eyes?

I would think that eye color would be irrelevant when choosing sunglasses (shades), since the eyes cannot be seen while wearing them.

Why do eyes have color?

your eyes have color because the color is in your DNA, along with your skin color, hair color, etc.

What color eyes does prince have?

Prince's eyes are the color of Michael's eyes: dark brown.

What is the mothers phenotype?

The term phenotype means what you see. Like black eyes or brown eyes or blue eyes. The same is for hair color. This is different from genotype which means what is in the genes or what genes are not expressed. A person with brown eyes can carry a gene for blue eyes. This is the genotype. Each person carries genes that are expressed or what are seen and also genes that are not expressed and are not seen.