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There is essentially an infinite about of colours which can exist on the visible light spectrum. Every possible variation and shade could be considered a different colour.

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How many ses around the world are named for colors?

how many seas around the world are named for colors

How many colors can your hair be?

all the colors in the world

What is the dumbest color in the world?

Colors are actually quite expressive and therefore, they are not silent.

How many colors are in the Web Safe Palette?

256 *Actually there are 216 web-safe colors in a palette, not 256*

How many colors in the world?

10 million

How many colors are there in the world?


Is caviar red?

Actually caviar is many colors it can be pink orange and red.

Is a whiteboard white?

it is actually a mixture of many different colors. Which are a mixture of the rainbow

How many colors do you think there should be in the world?


How many colors can you get glasses in on Animal Crossing wild world?

In animal crossing wild world there are over 50 different colors of glasses you can get

What colors did the 1969 gto judge come in?

I actually came in many colors, but the best know is the classic orange. Goto

How many colors are there in the whole wide world?

Infinite number

What colors can parrots see?

Many birds are actually capable of seeing ultra violet colors and other colors that we cannot make out, in the wild these colors can be used to attract mates, without attracting attention from other animals.

How many colors are there on the flags in the world?

There is exactly 200000045 colours on all the flags in the world

How many ants in the world are there?

Actually there are 17,678,577,670 ants in the world.

How many colors can be seen?

a lot estimating about 1 thousand in the world

What colors were the coats in World War 2?

Many different colours.

How colors enter in the world?

Colors enter the world by the sun. The rays are made of different colors but they have different tempetures so when they enter the world, they have different colors for different things.

Why are goldfish orange if they are called goldfish?

Goldfish actually come in many colors, including a golden yellow.

What colour is the digestive system?

The digestive system is actually many colors, ranging from the flesh colors of the stomach and the intestines to the brownish colors of the liver, the greenish colors of the gall bladder. All these things also have a reddish color due to the flows of blood and even the yellowish colors of the pancreas.

How many bacteria in the world?

there is actually millions and countless bacteria in the world

What is Saturated Colors?

Saturated colors are actually bright colors, they are commonly used in Fauvist paintings.

Why is purple in the rainbow?

The colors of the rainbow are made when light passes through a prism - what we call "light" is actually made of many colors. The main colors of a rainbow are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, and Violet or Purple.

How many colors of canaries are there?

many colors

How many skin colors are there in the world?

It all depends on how you are asking this question. It tradition, there are five: red, brown, white, yellow, and black. But in reality, there are as many skin colors as there are people.