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However many were needed. If a company ordered 200 computers from Microsoft, Microsoft would make 200 computers.

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Were computers available twenty years ago?

Yes, but not comercially affordable

What was a punch card for computers many years ago?

A prursess!

How many computers does the google company have?

As of about 2 years ago, 850,000

Where there computers 100 years ago?

No, there were not.

What technology that you did not have ten years ago?

computers I've had access to computers since the 70s. Ten years ago I had no cell phone.

How many people owned computers twenty years ago?

I would say about 100 people in the world owned a computer 20 years ago.

Where computers made in America?

no. Computers originated in Asia, about 5,000 years ago.

Did computers exist 50 years ago?


How fast are computers today compared to 20 years ago?

Twenty years ago computers worked at a snails pace. The computers of today have faster processors and faster circuitry making them run at much faster speeds.

How were computers 10-20 years ago?


How did the olden day computers affect people at schoolwork and home?

I love "olden day". Just what do you mean by that term. Do you mean computers from 10 years ago, 20 years ago,etc.

How many years ago was 5000 years ago?

5000 years ago

What are three kind of computers?

Personal, Mini and Mainframe. That was from about 30 years ago, there are so many different varieties now.

Computer 10 years ago?

Ten years ago people used computers but not as much as right know. Now days the percentage would be more then 90 but 10 years ago it was only 43%!

What did computers look like ten years ago?

computers used to have many flaws, the monitors were big, bad colour quality and the took a while to turn on. the computers were bigger too, and noisy. and for some reason there was a lot more white/grey computers

What were homes like 100 years ago?

Homes 100 years ago were very simple. These homes did not have television, fancy lighting, or computers in every room.

How many years is fourscore and seven years ago?

fourscore and seven years ago means 87 years ago

How many years is a thousand years ago?

A thousand years ago is a millennium ago.A millennium is a thousand years.A millenium

How many years did a human live 500 years ago?

If They Lived 500 years ago It WAS 500 years ago

Did you know that post its didnt exist 100 years ago?

Neither did personal computers.

How computers discovered?

Computers weren't discovered, they were invented. In its most basic understanding, computers were invented thousands of years ago by the chinese, however that is clearly not the case for electronic computers, which is an important distinction.

What piece of equipment do mount Everest climbers have today but didnt have 50 years ago?

I would say the vital piece of equipment used today at Mount Everest that was not available 50 years ago is satalite and computers. Today this is used to get the latest weather forecast which helps with the planing of there climb.

How many years ago was 1-1.8 million years ago?

1.8 million years ago

How many years ago was1968?

49 years ago (as of 2017 !)

How many years ago was 1980?

29 years ago

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