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Q: How many concentration camp memorials are there in Europe?
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How many people were killed in each concentration camp?

9 million Jews in Europe were killed in the concentration camp altogether & 5.7 million each

What stands today at the Buchenwald site?

A section of the camp has been preserved as a memorial. Much of the Buchenwald concentration camp site was destroyed, but a lot of the prisoners made memorials and many other people did the same thing.

How many pages does Camp Concentration have?

Camp Concentration has 177 pages.

How is Dachau used today?

It is now a museum, with many aspects restored to how they were during its time as a concentration camp. There are many memorials/shrines at the museum, created by various groups representing the different victims.

Was Auschwitz a POW camp?

No, it was a concentration camp/extermination camp but it did have many POWs

Who captured the gestapo concentration camp?

There were many concentration camps.

How many people died in the captivity of the Belzec Concentration Camp?

525,000 people died in Belzec Concentration Camp.

How many people died at the plaszow concentration camp?

Atleast 81,500 died at Płaszów Concentration Camp.

How many concentration camp where there?

I have no idea pofc

How many survivors were there in Dachau concentration camp?

160,000 People survived Dachau Concentration Camp but most were deported to other Concentration Camps where most were killed.

How many blocks were in one concentration camp?

The camp varied a lot in size.

How many people died at sered concentration camp?


How many people survived in the concentration camp?


How many Jews were at the concentration camp in gleiwitz?


How many Jews died in Breendonk Concentration Camp?

Between 3,000 and 4,000 people died at Breendonk Concentration Camp during the Holocaust.

Are there any concentration camps that remain in Poland today?

Auschwitz is a museum. There are memorials at Treblinka and many of the other camps.

How many people were killed in the concentration camp Janowska?

6,000 People including Jews and people of other races were killed in the Janowska Concentration Camp.

How many Jews survived Buchenwald Concentration Camp?

21,000 Jews were liberated by the United States Army from Buchenwald Concentration Camp. A few did not survive.

How many concentration camps were there in Czechoslovakia?

im not sure but there is one called the theresienstadt concentration camp.

How many german concentration camps in 1933?

In 1933 their was mainly 1 known concentration camp and that is Dachau Concentration Camps.

How many people died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp?

The figure generally given for the concentration camp is about 50,000. When it was a POW camp for Soviet prisoners before that an estimated 18,000 died there.

How many German guards in a concentration camp?

over a 100

How many people were in each concentration camp?

300,000 people

How many Jews were put into concentration camp?

it is unknowable exactly

How many Jews were in Buchenwald Concentration Camp?

Around 2,000