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There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.


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1) Work camps, where inmates were payed meager salaries for back breaking work. 2) Standard concentration camps where Jews were worked to death. 3) Death camps where the sole purpose was to destroy as many Jews as possible as quickly as possible.

The death camps basically speak for themselves. Jews who go to the Death Camps die a lot quicker than those who suffer at the regular Concentration Camps. They call it a Death Camp because you basically die there immediately unlike Concentration which they make you work until you die from fatigue or starvation, etc. The effect of this results in the death of many Jews.

In concentration camps that were not officially extermination camps, disease was the primary cause of death. However, the exact numbers are unknown.

Jews were sent to concentration camps to be tourtured and killed. Many were worked brutally until death.

not many, as they caught diseases brought about by malnutrition first.

In addition to the many Jews who were in the Nazi concentration camps, there were also many millions of non-Jews: Mainly Poles and Catholics.

Jews were generally sent to extermination camps. Many were killed on arrival, others were worked to death. Very few survived.

6 million Jews through concentration camps.probably kill them. In concentration camps, they would work to death (or near death) and/or then be gassed

About 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps in the aftermath of Kristallnacht.

The Germans set-up many camps in occupied Poland perhaps 2,000. These included concentration and labour camps mostly for ethnic Poles. There were also ghettos and death camps most for ethnic Jews.

There are many words to describe the holocaust. Some words are:Horrible- Jews were murdered. One after the other.Killing- Nazis killed Jews. The Nazis said that they enjoyed killing.Death- Almost all of the Jews died. There was a lot of death having to to in the holocaust.Concentration Camps- Many of the Jews died in concentration camps. Jews were tortured.

The Nazi used concentration camps as a way to keep all the Jews and other prisoners together. Later on, in about 1940, many were converted to be used as death camps to exterminate the Jewish people.

During the Kristallnacht and the days that followed about 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Your question is unclear. As a many Jews were in the camps it is safe to assume that they knew of them.

Typically in any pogrom or genocide against the Jews, the Jews were killed in close proximity to where they lived, usually in the same town. The Holocaust was relatively unique in that Jews were first confined to ghettos and then shipped across the empire to concentration camps, labor camps, and death camps. Most of the outright-killing and gassing occurred at the death camps. However, abuse from guards, starvation, and disease killed many in the ghettos, concentration camps, and the labor camps.

Some Jews were sent to concentration camps in 1933, and a further batch was sent to camps from 1938 onwards. The wholesale transportation of Jews to death camps started in 1941. However, many had been forced to lead a wretched existence in ghettoes since 1939/40.

Historians believe there was about 6 million Jews that died during the holocaust in the camps

According to numerouse sources and figures, Their's an estimate of 34,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from other Nazi Concentration Camps or Sub-Camps. According to most Historians, it widely agreed that 33,734 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from other Nazi Concentration Camps or Sub-Camps.

When it was founded in 1940, 400,000 Jews were herded into the cramped ghetto. About 100,000 died in the ghetto from disease or starvation; many more were shipped off to various concentration and death camps.

Many were worked to death as slave laborers, but even more were murdered as soon as practical after arrival.

People can only guess why concentration camps were made for the Jews. There are many different reasons why they might have. No one will ever know for sure.

More Jews would die in the train by diseases, starvation, dehydration, cold, heat, etc. then in the actual concentration camps.

The concentration camps were being built all over Germany and many were already built but the raids on Jewish ghettos was common in rounding up Jews to be sent to concentration camps. There's no record of anyone being released from a death camp to return to a ghetto.

The Jews were prisoners in the concentration camps, not employees. The concept of bathroom breaks does not apply.

About 4.5 million of those who died in the Holocaust were killed in the camps.

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