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No one knows from that long ago, but if you want to know a recent album on how many copies were sold someone would most likely know that.

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Their second album, Jonas Brothers, has sold 1,820,000 copies as of May 2009.

about 40.24 million copies of the game were sold

how many records has the Jonas brothers had? how many records has the Jonas brothers had?

Miley Cyrus is the most rich and famous tennager in the world! She has sold more copies then The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovota combined! She is very talented in many ways..

How are we soposed to no lol

The Jonas brothers are pretty much sold out everywhere, they are the hosttest thing right now.

The Jonas Brothers have sold four albums (not counting the soundtrack of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience) as of 2009 - It's About Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer and Lines Vines and Trying Times. Nick Jonas' solo album (Nick Jonas and the Administration) is titled Who I Am and will be released on February 2, 2010. A fifth Jonas Brothers' album will also be released in 2010.

It was released August 2007 and sold 1.1 million copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. I did not personally see this information as I am not registered with the site, however a trusted source had. Peace. Love. Jonas!

Michael Jackson is better hands down they sold what a couple thosand albums and Michael Jackson sold all together around 200 millions copies for all 6 of his albulm. The Jonas brothers wish they could hold a candle to mj

that depends where you are buying them

for many things.She has a hit show,she's an awesome singer.Infact she sold over 1,000,000 copies of her newest CD hannh montanah concert CD,featuring the Jonas brothers!

Before the Jonas Brothers were with Hollywood Records, they were signed with Columbia Records. In 2006, they released their first album, It's About Time. It only sold 60,000 copies so it was taken off the shelves. It is not sold in stores anymore, but you can pay a high price on eBay or Amazon for one.

The Jonas Brothers are a boy band made up of three boys: Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas. They are brothers, obviously, Kevin being the oldest, and Nick the youngest. Their sophomore album, released in August 2007, sold over 1 million copies. They are one of today's hottest celebrities. Their third album will release in August '08

Twilight-56,051 copies sold New Moon-55,544 copies sold Eclipse-62,154 copies sold Breaking Dawn- 72,521 copies sold And the newest movie out to come is midnight moon.

Mr.AnonymousTheir is 430,000+ copies sold

for it to go gold - 500,000 copies has to be soldto go PLATINUM - 1,000,000 copies has to be soldto go diamond - 10,000,000 copies has to be sold

Around 75 million copies of the books were sold.

Around 4 million copies have been sold

Over 65 million copies where sold worldwide.

4.5 million copies of Eclipse have been sold.

It has sold 500,000+ copies in the U.S. as of September 2011. It has sold about 2 million copies worldwide.

All their concerts are sold out, unless it's at a venue with a lawn.

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