How many counties are in California?


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There are 58 California Counties.
There are 58 counties in California.


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There are 58 counties in California.

There are 58 counties in California.

A book I read about California said it has 58 counties.

California is divided into fifty-eight counties.

58 counties are in California.

California is divided into 58 Counties.

There are 482 towns or municipalities in California. California has 58 counties. The largest town in California is Los Angeles.

There are no countries in California since is it a state within the United States. There are 58 counties in the state.

San Diego County and Imperial County are the California counties that border Mexico.

Placer and El Dorado Counties

We don't have provinces in California, but counties.

There are many places to purchase a map of California Counties. To begin, online on MapsOfTheWorld there are many different maps offered for reference or sale. Also online there is a site called MetroTown where they offer a wide variety of California based maps that detail the counties as well as the cities. All of these maps are also available for free download on the websites mentioned.

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None. California is a state within the United States. If the 'r' sneaked in by accident there are 58 counties in the State of California. ther is none dumb asses

There are 58 superior, or trial, courts located in each of the California's 58 counties.

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