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There are two counties that border Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.


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Kentucky Lake in area and Cumberland lake in volume.

When in Lake Cumberland the best place for fishing in Kentucky is Mills Springs Park.

The most visited area of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is the Mill Springs Park area.

The average rainfall in the Lake Cumberland area of Kentucky is around 4 inches per month.

It is estimated that over four million tourists visit Lake Cumberland in Kentucky annually.

Ohio River Kentucky River Lake Cumberland Cumberland River == ==

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky had some problems for several years with becoming dry because of a broken dam. Cumberland is a man made lake that helps drive thriving boat tourism businesses.

Lake Cumberland in the state of Kentucky, is a man made reservoir. It was constructed as a way to harness hydroelectric power as well as for flood control.

Lees Ford Boat Dock on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky has lodgings such as cottage and condo rentals.

The largest fish ever found in Lake Cumberland in Kentucky was a sturgeon that was 36 lbs. 8 oz.

The major bodies of water in Kentucky are the Ohio River, the Mississippi River, Cumberland River, Kentucky River, and Green River. There is also Lake Cumberland, Lake Barkley and Green River Lake.

Lake Cumberland is in south central Kentucky and stretches through a 10 county wide area.

On the Tennessee and Kentucky border.

Yes, Lake Cumberland is very popular for fishing, as well as boating, camping and swimming.

the answer is one, ie cumbria, but before 1974 there were three counties that the lake district lay partly in - cumberland, westmoreland and lancashire

Lake Cumberland draws hundreds of thousands of tourists who bring in revenue to the 10-county area each year.

Lake Cumberland is a reservoir in Kentucky. It is the 9th largest reservoir in the United States. I has 6,100,000 acre feet or 1987693704700 gallons.

Kentucky Lake with 160,000 acres lead the state in area however Cumberland Lake has a greater volume.

Some tourist attractions in Kentucky are:Mammoth Cave, Cave CityCumberland Falls, CorbinKentucky Horse Park, LexingtonLake Cumberland, South central region

i researched it and i found cumberland falls so if im not wrong i belive the answer would be cumberland falls

The address of the Lake Cumberland Master Gardeners Association is: Po Box 720, Somerset, KY 42502-0720

Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic Ocean border palm beach and martin counties

Lake Cumberland, located in south central Kentucky, is a beautiful lake that winds throughout a 10-county-wide area. It is famous for its wide variety of camping areas, swimming, fishing and boating.

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