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Q: How many coupons did you get a month in world war 2?
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How many coupons did everyone get in World War 2?

they got a free 16 coupons every month

How many coupons did food cost in World War 2?

It depends on the Item

How many clothes coupons did they get in the war?

they got no coupons at all!

What did the coupons have on them World War 2?

They have a picture of mickey mouse

What is the value of the world war 2 food coupons?

Check on ebay

How were coupons used during World War 2?

on clothes but not food

What month did the World War 2 beginning - type the month?

September 1939 is the month the historians use as the beginning of World War 2.

What moth did World War I stard?

what mouth did world war 1 end and stard __ Month - start month July end month November

What did you buy sugar with during world war 2?

food ration coupons

How much was fish and chips during World War 2?

it was 2 coupons

How many tons of cargo did you-Boats destroy in World War 2?

about 500,000 tons a month

What were coupons and what were they like during World War 2?

they were rationings colleted by the U.S government