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Humans don't actually know how many animals are living on land. They are discovering new animals everyday.

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What sea creatures live in antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent. No sea creatures live on land.

Do leeches live in water or land?

Leeches are freshwater creatures.

Do Tasmanian devils live on land or sea?

Tasmanian devils live on land. They are not water-dwelling creatures of any description.

What animals live in the rainforets?

Mostly insects, Bugs, Frogs and many more live in rainforest's.(Some creatures live in streams, on land, in trees or under rocks)

What creatures live in the river Darling?

There are many creatures that live in the river Darling, such as the creature, that lives in the river Darling. Also, creatures live in the river Darling alongside other creatures that live in the river Darling. I hope that this was helpful.

Are amphibians water or land creatures?

Amphibians are both water AND land creatures

Do whales have a Brian?

Yes, they do have a brain. Most creatures do have brains, even if they don't live on land....

Where does butterfly live?

Butterflies are terrestrial creatures (they live on land). Butterflies can be found in deserts, wetlands, grasslands, forests, the tropics and the alpines.

Creatures that live in the water?

there are many creatures that live in water 1.small fishes 2.large fishes 3.octopus 4.see weeds many more

Amphibious in a sentence?

Many amphibious creatures live in this pond.

Can Koalas live in the ocean?

Koalas definitely cannot live in the ocean. They are arboreal creatures, spending most of their time in eucalyptus trees on land.

Are sea creatures reptiles?

no it is only on land creatures are reptiles

What is an amphibians and give example?

amphibians are the creatures that are able live both on land and in water. an example of an amphibian is crocodile.

Who win in a fight a octopus or a spider?

They would never get to fight, as octopuses are sea creatures and spiders live on land.

How many creatures live in the sea?

loads, more than we can count.

What is one not reason sea creatures are different from land creatures?

it has gills

What is the name of the creatures who live above ground?

creatures that live above the ground. der

Can eastern box turtles live in water?

No. technically, tarapins are land creatures and turtles live in a water environment (i.e. loggerhead turtles, snapping turtles)

Is there any living creatures in Bermuda triangle?

Yes, all the same kinds of creatures live within the Bermuda Triangle that live around it, including people. Living conditions are the same on land, in the sea and in the air, within the triangle and without.

Name three land creatures that live in Australia and are bigger than people?

Kangaroo is one I think they have camels too

Why do all living creatures have to breath whether they live in land or water?

to keep an air flow around their body and to their brain

How many aninals live on earth?

There are billions of creatures in the world many of which we do not know God has made creatures for different reasons The same way as he has made them uncountable for many reasons

Does frogs live on land and in the water?

Yes, frogs are amphibious creatures. Toads on the other hand spend more time on land than frogs do, but are still amphibians.

Why do animals live in salt water?

Because god in His multi diverse abilities made them that way. That's the bottom line It is believed that the first creatures on the Earth lived in the sea. Millions of years later some got the idea of living on dry land. So creatures that live in the salt water seas are just as naturally suited to their environment as those that live on land or fly in the air - evolution developed creatures in different ways.

What do you call the creatures that live only in water?

Creatures that live only in water are referred to as aquatic.

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