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you dont miss school , it depends on your marks in class's . they put you in summer school if you failed ur grade or if you you low marks and if your not passin.

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Well there are usually 3 to 4 weeks in summer school according to which one you go to.

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as many as u FAILED

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Q: How many credits can you take in summer school?
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Is it normal to dislike summer school or the idea of going to summer school?

Yes it is, most people take summer classes if they are short on credits or they need to accelerate. However, if this is regarding graduation, then there is no other option, but to do it sooner rather than later.

How many credits can you get at a continuation school a year?

It depends on how many credits the student chooses to take per semester. For colleges that operate on a semester system, the average credit load for a full-time student is 15 credits per semester, thus thirty credits within one academic year. However, some students take less while others more. In addition, students can accumulate more credits by taking summer and interim sessions.

How do you graduate early?

Take as many classes as you can; go to summer school; see if your school accepts online coursework; if you are old enough, see if you can add night school; see if you can test out of some subject although usually you have to take something else because most states have a specific number of credits, semesters you have to attend.

How do you take summer school?

One can take summer school by attending the classes offered at their school. In some schools districts in the United States students can also take summer school classes online.

What summer programs for high school students could I take part in ?

There are many summer programs that a high school student can take for additional education. The best resource that you can do is to check with your local college and inquire about their summer camps.

How do I get into college if I didn't start doing well in school until my Junior Year?

You will Have to Take up maybe night school or even start to take extra classes ask you academy principal for you transcript and all of the classes you need will be there so anyone you didn't get a credit for i can for sure tell you to take them and even take summer school and/or night school (depends on how many credits you have) and if not a lot take a full schedule in your senior year.

How many credits can be earned in one year?

For colleges and universities that operate on a regular two semester academic year, the average credit load is 15 credits. Some take 18 credits. Thus, 30 to 36 credits. Still, more credits can be obtained by taking summer and interim sessions.

How many hours would it take to complete 3 credits?

Three credits would be 48 hours of class contact time.

How long would 38 college HOURS BE?

If you are referring to college credits, it depends on how many credits you register for per semester, and whether you take advantage of summer and/or interim sessions. It could take anywhere from one, to one and a half academic years.

Can you take 3 credits in high school?

Well, I think it depends on the high school and where it is in the world.

How long will it take to finish online high school.?

It depends on what online school you are going through, what grade you are in, and how many credits you have. Usually it is faster than regular school because you earn your credits as you learn them rather than doing a whole year before earning any.

How long to take 54 credits?

A year and a half to two years without attending summer sessions.