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100% of Criminals seek revenge on their victims.

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In new moon is it true that a male vampires seek revenge?

no a male vampire doesn't seek revenge.

What is Bruce Wayne known for?

Bruce Wayne is best known for being Batman. He is a billionaire who watched his parents get killed when he was a little. After that he vowed to seek revenge on the criminals of Gotham City.

How did the US get revenge after World War 2?

The US did not seek or gain revenge against Japan after WWII. It did seek justice.

Why does Fortunato want revenge?

Fortunato does not seek revenge. Montresor seeks revenge against Fortunato.

How does bob ewell seek revenge for his grudges against judge taylor?

Bob Ewell broke into Judge Taylor's house to seek revenge.

Did Lewis and Clark seek revenge of the Mandans and go after the Sioux and Arikaras?

did lewis and clark seek revenge of the mandans and go afterthe Sioux and Arikaras

What are some characters that seek revenge in the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

miss havisham, orlick, and magwitch seek revenge. Miss Havisham does it against all men. Orlick tries to get revenge on Pip and Magwith to Compeyson.

What do criminals do if they get in trouble?

This is a very general question, because there are many different types of trouble that criminals can get into, and many different things that criminals can do when the get into trouble. Here are some examples of things criminals can do when they get into trouble: they can realize that crime is not working out for them and seek a new way of life that does not involve crime, they can commit even more crimes, such as murdering the people who are causing trouble for them, they can get caught and go to jail.

Why does montresor seek revenge on Fortunato?

Montresor seeks revenge because Fortunato had insulted his family and hurt him over the years.

How did Lysandra seek revenge in Lysandra's poem?

By dating her friends boyfriend.

Did Polyphemus pray to Zeus to seek revenge against Odysseus?

No, it was poiseidon

Why must there be an organized Halloween in Maycomb?

cause blackies will seek revenge.

Who are the common victims of illegal drugs?

The common victims of illegal drugs are those who are exploited the people who seek to profit from their illegality. Were drugs legal, there would be far fewer victims.

Why was manumission banned in the south after 1800?

NOVANET: whites feared that free blacks would seek revenge for the past treatment.Whites feared that free blacks would seek revenge for past treatment

Why did victor travel for several months after elizabeth was dead?

to seek revenge on the creature

Why do ghosts seek revenge sometimes?

If they were murdered or had a brutal death and have some anger as a ghost, they will seek revenge to people (not always their murderer. Sometimes families, sometimes random people because they are confused) because they are blinded by anger.

What are the release dates for Curve Your Vampirism - 2011 When Vampires Seek Revenge 2-2?

Curve Your Vampirism - 2011 When Vampires Seek Revenge 2-2 was released on: USA: 23 May 2012

In the hobbitWhy does smaug seek revenge on the lake-men?

In the Hobbit, Smaug seeks revenge on the lake men because they helped the intruders.

Why Elie Wiesel did not seek revenge after the Holocaust?

Because he realized that no amount of revenge could undo the evils that happened. (read Night by Elie Wiesel)

Why did montresor seek revenge on furtunato?

he had committed thousands of dollars worth of wounds to him and others.

What is the primary duty of the prosecutor?

To uphold the law, seek the truth, and prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of their ability.

Do animals seek revenge?

Orcas (whales) will take revenge. They have been known to follow whaling boats back to port and wait for days to get revenge. There have been studies on wolves. Some scientist say the take revenge others say they don't.

Sentence for redress as a noun?

The accident victims will seek redress for the injuries they suffered in the train crash.

What problems do police correctional agencies and criminal courts have when interacting with each other?

Police correctional agencies and criminal courts generally have few problems when interacting with each other, if any at all. These two systems work together to try criminals and seek fair justice for victims of crime.

Who is shadow's girlfriend?

Shadow doesn't have one. He is to busy trying to seek revenge to find one.

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