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25 cubic yards is equal to 675 cubic feet.

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25 yard = 75 feet Exactly.

There are: 25*3 = 75 feet

There are 3 feet in one yard, so 25 feet equals 8 1/3 yards.

1 Cubic Yard with five cubic feet remaining. 1 Cubic yard = 3 CUF X 3 CUF X # CUF

There are three feet to each yard. Therefore, three times nine is twenty seven (feet) which is two feet more than twenty five

5 gallons is 0.67 cubic feet.

1.66 yards = five feet.

Meaningless question. cubic feet cannot convert to inches. do you mean cubic inches? if so, there are 12 x 12 x 12 cubic inches in a cubic foot. Multiply that by 25

There are 0.6684 cubic feet in five gallons.

five hundred twenty feet five hundred twenty feet

smaller 5 yds = 15 feet 3 ft per yd

eighty-one dollars and twenty-five cents plus sales tax

Five yards is 15 feet.

There are about 8,640 cubic inches in five cubic feet.

You might convert that to yards, inches, miles, meters, etc.

One hundred twenty-five and twenty-five hundredths feet.

15 feet converts to five yards.

There are 15 feet are in five yards.

There are three feet in a yard, so five yards are 15 feet.

Five gallons is 0.67 cubic feet.

Five cubic feet is 37.4026 gallons.

45 cubic kilometers is an enormous volume compared to cubic feet. Forty-five cubic km is about 1,589,160,020,000 cubic feet.

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