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A man who is 60 cubits tall is 90 feet tall!

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35 cubits is about 57.41 feet tall.

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How tall is a man at 300 Cubic

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450 feet tall

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Q: What is the height in feet of a man who is 60 cubits?
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How many feet is threescore cubits?

Threescore cubits is 60 cubits. One cubit is 1.5 feet. So:60 cubits x 1.5 feet = 90 feet

How long is 60 cubits?

60 cubits is 90 feet in other words a grown modern day man arm imagine 60 if those

How much is threescore cubits?

3 x 20 (three units of twenty = equals sixty) = 60 cubits one cubit was just over a half a meter (.52m) - Egyption definition or 2.25 feet 60 cubits x 1/2 meter makes 30 meters or 31.2m precise 60 cubits x 2.25 feet makes 135 feet

How much is 5 feet?

60 inches, 1.524 meters, or 3.333 cubits

What does the number 60 mean in the Bible?

The number 60 in the bible has several meanings, some of which are: the width and height of the temple of Jerusalem being 60 cubits; the gold statue was 60 cubits high, and St. Paul only accepted 60 year old females to the group of widows.

What is the right weight for 60 year old man with 5 feet 7 inch height?


How many yards are there in 60 cubits?


If your height is 60 meters how many feet and inches is that?

60 meters is 196 feet 10.2 inches.

How much larger is the Titanic than Noah's Ark?

The most important thing, in any comparison between the Titanic and Noah's Ark, is that the Titanic really did exist. The Titanic was more than 800 feet long overall, about 92 feet wide and had a moulded depth of around 60 feet. The Bible gives the size of Noah's Ark as 300 cubits (507 feet) long, by 50 cubits (85 feet) wide and 30 cubits (about 50 feet) high.

What does three score in the Old Testament mean?

A score is 20 and three score is 60. Three score cubits means 60 cubits, a measure of length.

What is the height of a fully-grown oak tree?

60 feet!!

What is a symbol for height?

Height can be represented by a lot of things. For example, a person's height can be 60 inches or 5 feet.