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Q: How many cubic millimeters fit in 9 cubic centimeters?
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How many cubic millimeters fit in 5 cubic centimeters?

Five cubic centimeters contains 5,000 cubic millimeters.

How many centimeters fit into 8610 millimeters?


How many cubic centimeters will fit into a 0.25 liter container?


How many 5 millimeters long termites would fit on 5 centimeters?

2 termites

How many millimeters are equal to 7 centimeters?

70 milimeters fit into 7 centimeters, because 10 milimeters equal 1 centimeter.

How many cubic centimeters fit in Jupiter?

Jupiter has a volume of 143,128x1010 km3, or 143,128x1025 cm3.

How many liters of liquid would fit in a carton that has a volume of 2000 cubic centimeters?

2 litres of water would fit

How many cubic centimeters are in a centimeter?

The question is backwards. a centimeter is linear. A straight line. Cubic is a cube, 3 dimensions, and you can't fit it in a line.

How many cubic centimeters are in a kilometer?

A cubic centimeter is a unit of volume and kilometer is a unit of distance. You cannot place cubic centimeters "into" a kilometer. If anything you can place cubic centimeters into a cubic kilometer. The answer to that would be: 1 cubic kilometer = 1e+15 cubic centimeter Which is basically a huge number: 1,000,000,000,000,000 cubic centimeters fit into one cubic kilometer. On the other hand you can line up 100,000, 1 centimeter (1cmx1cmx1cm) cubes in a straight line and their combined length would equal to one kilometer.

How many mm in 1 fit?

Millimeters in 1 foot? 1 foot (12 inches/1 foot)(2.54 centimeters/1 inch) = 30.48 centimeters * 10 = 304.8 mm

How many millimeters fit into a centimeter?

1 centimeter=10 millimeters

How many cubic centimeters would fit in a box 3 cm long 2 cm wide and 2 cm deep?

There are: 3*2*2 = 12 cubic cm

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