Sour Cream

How many cups are in a pound of sour cream?

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2015-11-03 05:10:18

In three pounds of sour cream I measured 6 1/2 cups. That would

make one pound of sour cream equal about 2 cups, 8 tablespoons.

When I measured my 3 pound container of Daisy sour cream I measured

just over 5 cups. According to the nutrition information on the tub

there should be about 45 servings of 2 tablespoons each. There are

16 tablespoons in a cup which means that there are about 5.6 cups

of sour cream in a 3 pound container of sour cream or or 1.9 cups

in a pound.

1.97 cups of sourcream will be present in a pound.

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2020-04-11 17:06:58

How many cups is a pound of sour cream

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