Sour Cream

Sour cream is made from milk that is high in butterfat, and fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

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Sour Cream

The Origins of sour cream?

Sour cream, made out of cream, contains from 12 to 16 percent butterfat (about 14 grams per 4 ounce serving), and gets its characteristic tang from the lactic acid created by the bacteria. Commercially produced sour cream often contains additional thickening agents such as gelatin, rennin, guar and carrageen, as well as acids to artificially sour the product.

Sour Cream

Is the sour cream substitute IMO still available?

I contacted Safeway via email about IMO no longer being available in our local markets and they told me the item has been discontinued. Still trying to confirm this via the manufacturer.

Sour Cream

How many calories in 2 tablespoons of sour cream?

2 tablespoons of sour cream have approximately 60 calories.

Sour Cream

When can a baby have sour cream?


Sour Cream

Is sour cream bad if it's watery?

No, all you have to do is stir it up, unless it says its expired.

But sour cream lasts for a very long time, so there is a good chance that its good to eat :)

Sour Cream

Why does sour cream curdle when hot?

If cold sour cream is added to a hot dish too quick, it will curdle. You have to temper the sour cream first by adding some of the hot dish to the sour cream slowly stirring, then add the mixture to the hot dish

Sour Cream

Is sour cream supposed to curdle when hot?

If cold sour cream is added too fast to a hot dish, it will curdle... The sour cream must be tempered first

Sour Cream

Can cream that has gone sour be used as sour cream?

No, it cannot...

Sour Cream

How many ounces of sour cream are in one cup?

AnswerThere are two different "ounces"--one measures volume and the other measures weight. To measure volume, we use fluid ounces, and there are exactly eight fluid ounces of anything in a cup.
However, since sour cream is sold by weight, this question wants to know how much one cup of sour cream weighs.
1 cup of sour cream weighs 242 grams which is about 8.5 ounces
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Sour Cream

Meaning of sour cream in Tamil?

Sour cream translated to Tamil is புலி குழ (pronounced as puli koozh)


Sour Cream

What is a sour cream based dip?

If you are thinking about a 'dip' based on 'sour cream', then there is "French Onion Dip" where you add a packet of dried (instant) Onion Soup to sour cream, mix it well and then use as a dip for chips, (crisps) and vegetable sticks. It is verygood.

Sour Cream

When was daisy sour cream made?

The first daisy brand products including sour cream was introduced in 1920.

Sour Cream

When food cooked with sour cream left out all night and then refrigerated - ok to eat?

No. Food that contains dairy is a quick breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Foods that are kept in the danger zone 41 degrees to 140 degrees will begin to grow bacteria in as little as 1 1/2 hours. Best to throw it away... You will be happy you did.

Sour Cream

Who sings the daisy sour cream song?

her name is Angela marico. she also sings a song on a ford commercial.

Sour Cream

Can you use sour cream after the expiration date if it looks smells and tastes fine?

You can but sometimes it might not be safe.

Sour Cream

Can you substitute thickened cream for sour cream?

No because the consistencies are different and they both taste different. If you like you can but it would not be the same as using thickened cream

Sour Cream

What is the water content in sour cream?

According to the Dairy Council sour cream contains protein, carbohydrate, fat and ash totalling 27%. That leaves 73% as water. BUT, there are sour creams with different fat contents. As fat goes up, water goes down.

Sour Cream

How much is 50 cc's of sour cream?

50 cc = 50 ml. That's a little less than 1/4 cup. To be exact, it is 3 Tbs + 1 tsp (if you are using American or English measures) or 2 1/2 Tbs (if you are from Australia).

Sour Cream

Can sour cream be frozen?

Anything can be frozen, but the high water content of sour cream will make it inedible once defrosted so it is not recommended.

I have successfully frozen sour cream.....I froze the pint container...i then defrosted it in the fridge...when I opened it. it had separated & looked really ugly...I stirred it well but it still looked lumpy & very watery. I smelled it...fine! I tasted it...fine! I then put it in my blender for a minute & put it back in the frig overnight...Lo & behold the next morning it was solid just like a new container of sour cream & it tasted great...

Sour Cream
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Can you add sour cream to cream cheese pound cake?

can i pound your cake?

Sour Cream

How many cups in a pint of sour cream?

1 pint = 2 cups

1 cup = 0.5 pint

Sour Cream

How can you tell when sour cream goes bad?

Sour cream can spoil. Mold usually shows up when this happens. You can prevent this by storing sour cream upside down in the refridgerator. This moves the air in the container to another part of the sour cream.* : *If you move the air in the container to a different part of the sour cream by turning it upside down while it is stored, all this will do is prevent you from seeing any mold that may be growing. : *If mold is growing, the entire container needs to be thrown away. Just because you cannot see mold spores on one part of it does not mean they are not there.

Sour Cream

How many ounces are in 1 pound of sour cream?

since their is sixteen ounces in one pound, this is the same for sour cream. therefor, the answer would be sixteen ounces


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