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8 fl oz equals 1 cup, so 4 fl oz equals 1/2 a cup

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How many cups of chocolate chips equals 1 bar of bakers chocolate?

Ounce for ounce they are the same, so however many ounces is the Baker's bar, you need that many ounces of chips.

How many Bakers baking chocolate equal 16 ounces?

you will need 16 squares or 2 cups

How many ounces of chocolate you need to get to 2 pounds?

1 pound = 16 ounces.2 pounds = (2 x 16) = 32 ounces.If you want to have 2 pounds of chocolate in a bag, you need to put 32 ounces of chocolateinto the bag. But if you want to gain 2 pounds, you only have to look at the chocolate.

How many cups do i need to get to 10 fl oz?

10 fluid ounces is 1 and 1/4 cups

Need 6 cups flour how many pounds?

6 cups of flour is approximately 1 pound, ten and a half ounces

How many cups of drink for 80 people?

If you use 12 ounce cups, you need 1360 ounces of drink. That is one drink per person. There are 64 ounces in a gallon, therefore you need at least 22 gallons of drink.

How many cups go into 64 fluid ounces?

One cup equals 8 ounces so 8 cups go into 64 fluid ounces.if you need to find out how to convert it, jst divide the number of cups by 8.

What is the recipe for a Chocolate fountain?

To make a chocolate fountain recipe you will need chocolate chips in your choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or semi sweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate baking squares, and vegetable oil. For 48 ounces of chocolate chips, you will need six squares of unsweetened chocolate, and 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil. Combine everything in a double boiler and mix it well until everything is melted and incorporated.

33.8 fluid ounces of water is equal to how many cups of water?

lol you didn't need to specify that it was water. Fluid ounces are a measurement of volume, just as cups are, so the material in question doesn't matter.A cup is 8 fluid ounces, so 33.8 fluid ounces is equal to 4.225 cups

How many ounces of water should a 216 pound person drink?

well you halve your weight so 216 = 108 so you have to drink 108 ounces of water a day and if you want to know how many cups that is you divide 108 by 8 and that is how many cups you need to drink a day so that's 13 and half cups ......

How many cups are there in 180 grams of white chocolate?

cups = volume .... grams = mass .... they do not convert. if you need to measure the volume of a solid, put it water and see how much it is displaced.

How much chilli do you need for 1200 hot dogs?

You need roughly 2 ounces of chili per hotdog, which will be 2400 ounces total. 2400 ounces of chili is 300 cups of chili is what you will need.

2 pounds is how many cups?

Two pounds can't be measured using cups, which are measures of volume - for example, milliliters, liters, pints, or fluid ounces. You will need to specify what you need to measure to discover how many ounces fit in one cup; depending on the goods being measured you might also need to specify whether it will be tightly or loosely packed.

If you need 2 cups uncooked pasta how many ounces is that?

It is 16 ounces, because one cup is 8 fluid ounces or just ounces.-Hannah Hannah, you're confusing fluid ounces, which measure volume, with ounces that measure mass... which I believe is the situation the asker is dealing with. In my experience, about 3/4 cup of dry pasta is 2 ounces.It also depends on what type of pasta you are measuring. Two cups of orzo will weight more than two cups of penne.

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