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Four names have been quoted although there may well be others that history has not acknowledged

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Q: How many daughters of liberty were there?
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Does the Son of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty still exist for their desendents?

Yes, the Son of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty still exist for their descendants.

Told colonists not to drink tea?

benjamin franklin and daughters of liberty

Did the Daughters of liberty urge the Americans to wear homemade fabrics?

The Daughters of Liberty did wove their own cloth.

What does daughters of liberty mean?

it means to the liberty of man

Why did the Daughters of Liberty end?


Which act did the daughters of liberty protest?

The Daughters of Liberty protested the Townshend Act.

Who was the leaders of daughters of liberty?

The Daughters of Liberty was a successful women's group which began in 17656. The leader of the group was Deborah Sampson.

Who is the sons of liberty and the daughters?

the queen

What are the sons and daughters of liberty?


Who were the people of daughters of liberty?

Some people in the daughters of liberty were Clara Barton, DeBrorah Franklin, Abigail Adams, and and Rebecca Burlogh

The supported the boycott of imported goods by making tea from herbs and berries and by weaving cloth?

The daughters of Liberty

Why did the daughters of liberty boycott the tea?

The Daughters of Liberty boycotted because the British government was taxing the colonists on tea but not the citizens in Britian.