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The belief that ovulation takes place 14 days after the period starts is a that prevents a lot of woman from getting pregnant. The day actually varies among woman and may change from one cycle to another. The way to effectively predict it is to use an ovulation kit which detects hormonal days and notifies you in advance when you will be ovulating. Another way is to use a basal body thermometer -ovulation occurs when there is a sharp temperature shift (rise) in the overall pattern each month. Before ovulation, temperatures tend te be in the 97's and after ovulation, the shift sharply to the 98's. There is a lot more to it than I can explain here, so for further details, you need to buy a book or read up about it on fertility websites

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When you ovulate depends on your menstrual cycle.

Typically ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation - how many days after menstruation depends on your cycle length. For example if you had a 28 day cycle you'd likely ovulate around day 14, whereas if you had a 44 day cycle you've likely have ovulated on day 30.

Unless you were using Fertility Awareness Methods or ovulation testing kits you'd not know when you are ovulating. Cycles change or ovulation can be delayed so guessing ovulation date doesn't work.

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Q: How many days after your period are you ovulating?
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How many days do you wait after you have your period to get pregnant?

you do it before your period.. while ovulating.

When are most women ovulating?

14 days after her period.

How many days after your period do you ovulate?

AnswerIf you have a regular 28-day cycle, you should ovulate about 14 days after the first day of your period. You can tell when you are ovulating by buying some "sticks" at the pharmacy or supermarket. Basically, you urinate on them and they tell you when you are ovulating.

When do you begin ovulating?

14 days prior to your next period.

When is a woman usually ovulating?

a woman ovulate 14/15 days after her period or 14 days before her period

When your period stops after 9 days does that mean you will be ovulating soon?


Can you ovulate but not have your period?

you start ovulating around 28 days before your first period, but otherwise no

Why do you have cramps starting 17 days after your period stopped?

This is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) This occurs around 17 days after your period and many women feel cramps when they are ovulating

What does it mean when you discharge fourteen days after your period?

that means your ovulating ( releasing a egg)

When is a womens ovulating time?

you start ovulating 12 to 14 days after your first day of your period Usually 2 weeks after the first day of your last period for example.Say you got your period on the 5th you would then ovulate give or take a couple of days on the 19th

Does it mean you're not ovulating if you don't have a period?

If you are not ovulating at all, you will not have a period.

I had friend last Sunday The condom broke but I had gotten off of my period a few days prior and I was not ovulating Could I be pregnant?

No. You would have to be ovulating.

Can you get pregnant sixteen days after your period ends?

Nope. In general, you can only get pregnant if you are ovulating.

When is ovulating period?

Ovulation day and the next time period between the start of intervalis fixed, usually in about 14 days

Can you get pregnant before 9 days of periods?

Yes. The only safe time really is the first days of your period. You can start ovulating again after you've had a period.

Can a woman become pregnant five days before her period?

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.

Can you get pregnant four days after having your period?

it is a very little chance that you can get pregnant four days after your period. this is because you have to ovulate to get pregnant, and ovulating happens halfway in your menstruation cycle. once ovulating has occurred, the egg must be fertilised within 24 hours.

Your period started June 1 can some one give you the time when im ovulating?

about twelve days before your expected period

How do you know when you are ovulating without taking an ovulation test?

A woman ovulates half-way through her cycle. For example, if your cycle is every 28 days (meaning if you start your period every 28 days), then two weeks (14 days) after you started your period would be when you are ovulating. If your cycle is 32 days, then you would be ovulating 16 days after you began your period. You may also experience mild cramping (sort of like the ending of your period) and a discharge with no odor, which is normal. Some women tend to have a higher and longer sex drive around the ovulating time. Try not to wear a pantyliner since it can increase the possibility of bacteria or yeast infections.

When in your cycle is the best time for getting pregnant?

When you're ovulating. I believe it's ten days before your period and ten days after.

How many days before your period is your safe period?

There really is no time that it is 'safe' to have sex because it is so difficult to work out exactly when someone is ovulating, and also because there have been many cases of people getting when they are not ovulating. Therefore, it's important to always use some kind of protection when having sex.

When did you start ovulating?

the first day of your period up until 14 days later depending on the person

If you ended your period nov. 16 are you ovulating on this day nov. 26?

It is supposed to be 15 days after the beginning of your cycle, which would be before you started bleeding. Because you shouldn't be ovulating 10 days after the beginning of your cycle, and 10 days after.

What if your boyfriend ejaculated in you 9 days before your period and now you have your period could i be pregnant?

It is possible to be pregnant and have a one time period. The question is were you ovulating when you had sex. If you had a period 9 days later, I doubt you are pregnant. However, it is possible.

Can you become pregnant 4 days before period is due?

Hmm there are only certain days a woman can get pregnant in the month.. its usually 12-14 days after your period.. that's when u start ovulating again..