How many days are in a hamster year?

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Did you know tht wen a Hamster is One It is 50 years Old. x and wen it is two it is 100 x Soo.....x I am sorry to say this but......x Your hamster ain't guna live very Long :L x Sorry x :) x <3
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How many times a day do you feed a hamster?

Once a day is fine. Remember to top off the food if it is gettinglow always have fresh water in the bottle eveyday! Never use adish! They can drown and water all over their body can make themcold and get sick so don't bath the hamster either there is suchthing called chinchilla sand for bathing neve ( Full Answer )

How many days does it take for a hamster to finish a whole bag of hamster food?

It might take a couple of months for a hamster to finish a bag of food.. Hamsters don't usally eat to much.. Hoped this helped!. Second Answer. All hamsters will be different but my hamster used to get through 1 standard sized bag of Harry Hamster food in about 4-5 weeks. He was also fed fresh ve ( Full Answer )

How many years do hamsters live?

most live about 2-3 years, but dwarf hamsters only live about a year what! i have a dwarf it cant live up to about one year my hamster still looks healthy and doesnt look like it is about to die Three years on average. If the hamster is healthy and under goodcare it can live up to five.

How many days are in a year in 1000000 years?

Well, there are 365 days in a year and every 4th year has an extra day.. (1,000,000 x 365) + (1,000,000 / 4) = ?. 365,000,000 + 250,000 = 365,250,000

How many years do dwarf hamsters live?

Different types of hamsters live longer than eachother. The longest the dwarf hamster can live is 3 years. And you'd be lucky for 4 years.

How many hamsters die per year?

A hamster has a very short life span, about 18 months but can live up to three years if they are well fed and clean and healthy.

How many years does a robo hamster live?

Robo hamsters live for about 1-2 years. Probably 3. In some stores; like petsmart, they tell you descriptions about hamsters and how to handle them yourself.

How many hours do hamsters sleep for a day?

Hamsters are nocturnal, so they sleep a lot during the day, they can sleep most of the daytime. My hamster takes short naps throughout the day between eating and such. first of all they sleep all day and then at night they are like whoa

How many times a day do you feed a hamsters?

Just leave a bowl of hamster food and add a little more each day and at the end of each week throw out the remains of the hamster food and wash the food bowl then put some more hamster food in the bowl.

How many times a day can you get your hamster out?

well if you get it to many times it could grow more used to the outdoors and try to get out of its cage, if it is pregnant dont take it out as much. i would recomend about three times a day.

How many days are there in 9 years?

365 x 9= 3285 days But if you take leap years into consideration, there could be 3286 or 3287 days. shes right its 3287 my fault:)

How many years is 269 days?

0. one year is 365 days. if you meant months it is approximately 8 months and 26 days (jan-sept)

How many years are in 14387 days?

Not taking Leap Year into account, there are 365 days per year. So, 14387 divided by 365 = 39.416 years (or 39 years, 5 months and 2 days, taking into account January, February, March, April & May each have different days per month). However, as Leap Year is every four years, there is an average of ( Full Answer )

How many days is in the year 2011?

365.... Every year has 365 days except for leap year. Leap year always falls every four years. The next leap year is 2012. A good way to remember when leap year is going to be next is that it always falls on the same years as the Presidential election in The United States, and always in the same yea ( Full Answer )

How many years does a hamster age in one year?

Around 40 in hamster years. 1 normal year - 40 hamster years. 2 normal year - 80 hamster years. And so on. If you really want to know, Hamster Years compared to normal month is: 1 normal month - 3.33333 hamster years. (The 3 goes on 4ever) Unlike humans, hamsters may live 86-120 hamster years. ( Full Answer )

How many days are their in a year and leap year?

In a year there are 365 days, however in a leap year, there are 366 days. This is because in a year, there are 28 days in February though in a leap year there are 29 days in February.

How many years or days there are in day of Uranus?

According to Wikipedia, the rotational period of the interior of Uranus is 17 hours, 14 minutes. However, as on all giant planets, its upper atmosphere experiences very strong winds in the direction of rotation. At some latitudes, such as about two-thirds of the way from the equator to the south pol ( Full Answer )

How many days in a year and a leap year?

in a normal year there are 365 days ,but in a leap year there are 366 as it takes the earth to orbit the sun 365 and a quarter days so every four years we have a leap year.

How many babies does your hamsters have in a year?

Unless it was pregnant to begin with, if you keep it alone, or if it is male, it will have none. When i had them one had between 18 and 24 in a year though. We quickly learned to keep them separated.

How many times a day do you feed a dwarf hamster?

Fill the food bowl, and wait until it is empty. When it IS empty, wait another day, and then refill the bowl. Hamsters are hoarders, so they hide their food. Don't give more food as soon as the bowl is empty because your dwarf hamster will get fat! As for water, change the bottle every day or every ( Full Answer )

How many days could a hamster stop eating?

It shouldn't ever really, but one day would be the maximum to ever leave a hamster without food. However, if you look they may have a secret hoard of lots of food (usually near their bed) which would keep them going for 2-3 days. Hamdoc

What day of the year is hamster day?

Hamster day isn't an actual day; it is slang. According to Urban Dictionary, "[Hamster Day is] a day where you just keep going round and round like a hamster on a wheel.

How many days for a hamster to give birth?

The gestation period or pregnancy can vary between species, ranging from from 16 days for the Syrian hamster, up to to 30 days for the dwarf hamster.

Can hamsters store food for many days?

Yes, when hamsters lived in the wild (which some still do), they hoard their cheek pouches with food, and then they can keep it there for however long they want without it rotting. But still, sometimes they hoard, and then spit it out in their cage.

How many years till a hamster lives?

I have researched about how long a hamster lives for and it says on every website they will live about 2 years xx

How many times a day should you put it in the hamster ball?

You can put a hamster in the ball as much as you want. The average time you want your hamster in there for exercise is about 15 minutes, but my hamster loves it so much that he goes in for 30. It all depends on the type of hamsters and how athletic they are! hope this helps

How many year a hamsters live?

Their lifespan is usually 2-3 years. Sometimes they can live longer than that, depending on how well they are taken care of.