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How many days do dogs mate?

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Female dogs are in heat for up to four weeks. However, there is a small period of time that they are fertile and therefore will only be receptive to contraception for a few days. Pregnant female dogs carry their babies for 63 days.

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Your dogs has been on for 11 days when should you mate her?

you should mate her when she starts backing up to the male.

How long after two dogs mate will they have puppies?

Between 60 and 65 days.

Can dogs and ducks mate?

No dogs and ducks can not mate.

Which months do dogs mate?

which month do dogs mate

Do owls mate with other animals?

NO! owls mate owls & dogs mate dogs!

Can a insect mate with a dog?

No. Only dogs can mate with dogs.

Can cats mate with dogs?

Cats and dogs cannot mate with one another. Dogs only mate with dogs, and cats only mate with other cats.

How many days after your dog starts bleeding can you mate her?

You will know when males become very interested in her. But be sure you want more dogs to come into the world.

How do pandas mate?

they mate like dogs

How often SHOULD dogs mate per day?

They should only mate once a day, every other day, for 5 days (mate the first day, wait a day, mate again, wait a day, mate the third time).

How many days after koalas mate is a baby koala born?

A koala joey is born around 35 days after the parents mate.

Do dogs like to mate with women?

Although un-neutered dogs will sometimes try to mate with things that are not female dogs, they are not biologically "programmed" to mate with human women.

Can dogs mate more than once?

as many times as they want

Can you mate with dogs?


How do dogs make other dogs?


Do dogs think like humans?

No. Dogs are different from humans. For example, dogs cannot process many colours, unlike humans. Dogs have the pack instinct (resulting in their loyalty), while humans do not. Dogs only mate in breeding season, while humans mate anytime.

Who do dogs mate with each other?

No,Cats and Dogs may not be able to mate but it has not been proven{YET}

How many days does the butterfly before it lays an egg?


How many days are in 3 school weeks?

fifteen mate

When in the heat cycle do dogs mate?

During the oestrus (which lasts 4-8 days) when the discharge stops and ovulation begins.

How can you get your dogs to mate?


Can dogs and lions mate?


How long arw dogs and cats supposed to mate?

Dogs and cats should mate for about three to five minutes.

Can sibling dogs mate?

Yes sibling dogs can mate but dogs in the same family breeding can lead to deformation of the puppies and lots of health problems for them.

When do you mate minicher Dobermans?

Dogs are most fertile between the 7th and 10th days of their menstrual cycle. This is usually after the bleeding has stopped and is the only time the female will allow a male to mate with her.