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You get up to 3 days paid leave provided you are already scheduled to work. Otherwise it is unpaid. signed, mgr 4yrs+

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What can you buy for 1 dollar?

There are stores - Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. - where there are many, many items for one dollar.Answer 1:Many places you can buy a soda or some sort of snack.Toys,and accessories are usually more.Answer 2:There are stores - Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. - where there are many, many items for one dollar.

Dollar General how do you get Verizon wireless discount if you are an employee of dollar general?

Verizon Wireless offers this discount to many other companies as well, not only Dollar General. We also get discounts from sprint.

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9,000 Stores

How many dollar general market stores are there?


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5 hours

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There are many different ways that one can apply to Dollar General Stores. These ways include, but are not limited to, going to their website or dropping off an application in the store.

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Dollar General have more than 10.000 stores in United States. The stores were founded by Cal Turner in Kentucky. The store type is like a small shopping plazas in a neighborhoods.

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Super S, Dollar General, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and many more.

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7.35 per hour and depending on how many hours u worked

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Why work for dollar general?

Because i get paid and its a job anyone with a job right now has many advantages in society.

Where do dollar general stores get their merchandise?

Many dollar stores as well as retail stores use trade magazines to find products as well as buy at various trade shows.