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Q: How many days does it tack a toad to have babies?
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Is toad poop poisonous to babies?


How does a horned toad raise its babies?

Horned Lizards (Toads) don't raise their babies. The males have nothing to do with the female or babies after getting the female pregnant. The female will lay the eggs and watch over them until they hatch. Then, after they hatch, the babies are on their own.

How many pages does The House of the Toad have?

The House of the Toad has 248 pages.

What is a American Toad's enemy?

The American Toad Has Many Enemies,How Do I Know This You Ask . . . ? I Own One. The Greatest Enemy Of The American Toad Is MAN! Cats, Dogs, Storks, and many others threaten the life of the American toad.

In Mario and Luigi partners in time how to get to toad town present?

You don't. You COULD have gotten there when Mario and Luigi were babies, but you can't anymore.

On average year how many days would a female toad spend in the water during the course of a year?

Toads are land creations, frogs live in the water

Do you need a male and a female toad to have babies?

yes you do because if you only have a female toad itll only have eggs and they don't hatch and if you have m. an f. together the male firtilisers the eggs this may sound discusting but it furtilisis it by peeing on them

How many Mario related video games are toad and toadette playable in?

These are the ones I know. ~Mario Party (Toad) ~Mario Party 8 ~MarioKart (Toad)

What is a solution to Toad's problem in The Wind in the Willows?

Toad's friends in "The Wind in the Willows" take matters into their own hands by organizing an intervention. They confront Toad about his reckless behavior and persuade him to change his ways. Ultimately, Toad realizes the error of his actions and decides to become a more responsible and considerate individual.

How many pages is there in Toad Rage?


How many ants can you give your horny toad?

As many as it will eat.

How many insects could a toad eat in a summer?

Well a toad eats about a hundred insects a day so about a thousand