Toads are a dry leathery amphibian. Their bumpy texture helps them to blend in with their environment.

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What do you call the larvae of the toad?



How do you care for baby toads?

I would recommend a tank with half water and half land with plenty of hiding spaces (i.e. rocks, branches, plants...) and most likely feed them wingless fruit flies.

Most of the toads you find in your yard need just a little water (so a shallow bowl in the terrarium will do), they are not as aquatic as some frogs and may only "hang out" in water during breeding season. Frogs and toads will eat about anything that moves that fits in their mouths, from flies to grasshoppers, crickets, slugs, beetles, dragonflies, bees, etc. You can get food crickets at some pet stores if you don't feel like catching bugs. Make sure they have enough room and keep the terrarium clean.


How often do toads shed their skin?

Tadpoles shead their skin every 3 to 4 weeks.


Can fire bellied toads live with salamanders?

Yes, usually they can without a lot of competition. But sometimes it might not work out, and they can get into a fight.

personally I have two fire bellied toads, one marbled salamander, and a fire salamander.


Do toads sleep with their eyes open?



Are toads poisonous to humans?

only some


How many legs does a toad have?

Toads have 4 legs


What is respiratory system in toad?

As all living things respire, even toads do respire too. It is just the matter of the way the living things respire. Toads breathe through their skin with whats called cutaneous gas exchange. They also have lungs for when they're out and about, but when in hibernation or submerged in water, they just use their skin. (Did I answer the question?) :D


Why didn't the cane toads eat the cane grub and beetle they were imported to eat?

cuz dey werent hungry


Is there a toad repellent?

yes if you are cruel enouth just find any strange chemical including soap and throw it on any defenseless innocent toad that is hopping by to burn up his skin!


How are toads adapted to pond life?

They started their life there because they used to be tadpoles and they breed there every spring.


How do you tell a female toad and a male toad apart?

  • Female toads are generally larger because of the many eggs they carry.
  • Females have thinner arms than males, which have stronger, muscular forearms.
  • During the breeding season, male toads have dark "thumbs" or metatarsal knobs on their front legs. These extra rough patches enable them to clamp a female during breeding season. (The thumbs return to normal once breeding season is over.)
  • Male toads are noisier, as the females make no sound.
  • During breeding season, the male's throat sac is darker.

Well, There are many ways you can tell the gender of your toad but the most common way is to LIGHTLY tap your toad on it's back, if it croaks it's telling you that its not calling at this time( which only boy toads do). Another way you can tell is by observing your toad closely atleast twice a day, if you do this chances are you will find a month were its calling( as I said before, only boy toads do this) but if you observe it daily and it doesn't do this, that means its a girl, Also boy toad's thumbs are very big!!!

Do toads have gills when they're young?

Like all other amphibians larvae toad`s larvae possess gills.Toads youngs are called tadpole larvae.

Similarities Between

What are some similarities of Frogs and Toads?

Frogs and toads are basically the same except for a few differences. Toads have round bodies that are dry and bumpy. Frogs have thin bodies that are smooth and moist. Toads have short stubby legs that do not jump very far in proportion to body length, while frogs have long legs that jump great distances in proportion to body length. The tadpoles of the toads are generally black, while the tadpoles of frogs are generally brown. Toads live on land and only return to water to mate, while most frogs will live in or near water they're whole lives. Toads have glands behind their eyes called paratoid glands that produce bufotoxin which varies in intensity, while frogs have no such glands. Toads have "warts" which let them store fat, while frogs don't. Frog skin allows absorption of small amounts of oxygen, while the toads' skin doesn't. Toads hibernate in holes they either dig or find, while frogs will just bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the pond.


Does a Cane Toad breath air with lungs?

As an adult, yes. The young breathe through gills, as do all tadpoles.


What is the answer to the croak mystery?

Cane Toads


What do toads eat?

Toads eat insects like crickets. they are carnivores


Do toads have claws?

yes frogs have claws they scraped my cuzine


Do toads eat stink bugs?

Yes, toads will eat any bug, including stinkbugs.


Do toads hibernate?

Yes, they burrow down into the mud or leaf litter when it begins to get cold and lower their bodily functions to near death and sit out the cold months.


How long can fire bellied toads go without water?


Will brown fire bellied toad turn green?

No they don't. Young frogs may change in color somewhat if they grow older but adult toads do not change from brown to green.


Can you have a American toad as a pet?


The Difference Between

What is the difference between Frogs and Toads?

Taxonomy of frogs and toads:
Kingdom: Animalia
Subkingdom: Metazoa
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura

After this is family, and that is where frogs and toads split. True toads are all members of the family Bufonidae. True frogs are members of the family Ranidae. There are around 400 species of frogs, and 300 species of toads. There are also several frog species that are called toads in the common name, but if you look up the scientific classification, this reveals that they are indeed frogs. They are just called toads because of their resemblance to toads.

  • Frogs have finer bodies with narrower waists while toads' bodies are broader.
  • When on a flat surface, frogs lie flat, but toads tend to sit upright.
  • Frogs have feet which are specially structured to act as suction caps to enable them to climb trees and other surfaces. Toads are entirely ground-dwelling.
  • Frogs have an amazing variety of colours - green, yellow, orange, red, black and even blue. Toads are duller in appearance.
  • Frogs have long, webbed hind feet: they can jump and leap very far because they have strong back legs, but toads cannot leap very far or jump very high because they have short hind legs. Frogs have longer legs and can jump farther in proportion to body length, while toads have shorter legs and jump less than the frog in proportion to body length. Toads walk instead of hopping.
  • Some frogs have poison glands, but all toads have poison (Paratoid) glands behind their eyes. These glands secrete a poison called bufotoxin, which varies in intensity. Frog do not have paratoid glands, although frogs can have poison through alternate methods.
  • Frogs have slimy, slippery and delicate skin, but toads have drier skin with warts.
  • Frogs' eggs are laid in bunches or clusters, whilst toads' eggs are laid in long strings.
  • Generally, frogs live near water (although there are some desert species which hibernate until rains come). Toads tend to live on land, although near boggy areas.
  • Some frog species are diurnal and some are nocturnal: toads are almost exclusively nocturnal.
  • Frogs have teeth for gripping their food (not chewing). Toads do not have teeth.
  • There are no native toad species in Australia, but there are many native frog species.
  • Frogs have smaller ear drums than toads.
  • Toads have different cartilage in their chest compared to frogs.
  • Frogs jump actively for their food; toads do the "sit-and-wait" strategy.
  • Frogs are found in more places across the earth. Neither frogs nor toads are found in polar regions, but there are also no native toads in the Australasia - Oceania regions, while frog species are prolific.
  • A frog's eyes are positioned higher in its head, while a toad's eyes are positioned lower.
  • A group of frogs is called an army, while a group of toads is called a knot.

Adaptive features of a toad?

- Webbed limbs for swimming easily

- Pores on body to keep it moist when not in water

- long and powerful hind limbs for jumping and propulsion in water

- long and sticky tongue in order to catch prey that are far off e.g insects


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