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10832 earth days. or 29.7 earth years.


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It takes nearly 11000 Earth days or 29 and a half Earth years.

It takes about 29.46 Earth years for Saturn to orbit around our sun.

For Saturn to complete one revolution around the Sun of our solar system, it takes 10759 Earth days.

it takes 29 years and 167 days for saturn to orbit the sun

A Saturn year is equivalent to 29.7 Earth years. It takes Saturn 10,832 earth days to complete a single orbit around the sun.

Your an idiot for asking this. Saturn revolves around the Sun. Ya know the big yellow thing?

In 24 hours, or one earth day, Saturn would have rotated 2 ¼ times.

How many days does it take Saturn the planet to orbit the sun? How many days does it take Saturn the planet to orbit the sun?

It takes 10,759 Earth days (or about 29½ years), to orbit once around the Sun.

It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the sun.

The sun does not orbit Saturn. Saturn orbits the sun.

How long does it take for Mercury to trvael around the sun ?

None, but Saturn takes this many days (around 29.5 years).

It depends on the altitude the object is above Saturn

The sidereal rotational period of Saturn (1 Saturn day) is 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds which is about 0.4484375 Earth days.The orbital period of Saturn is 29.4571 Earth years or 10,759.22 Earth days (24,491.07 Saturn days).

One day on Saturn is roughly 10-11 earth hours

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