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It is not a matter of days because it is caused by humans. If acid rain was a natural process, then nature would take care of it when it was needed. But since acid rain is created by humans, nature has no correcting mechanism for it, so it will remain unchecked until we humans do something about it. And, unfortunatly, that will probably take more than days, weeks, or months. Maybe years.


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Acid rain eats away marble. Many ancient buildings are ruined by acid rain.

You take a bottle of vinegar and mix it with water. Then leave it there for 3 days. Then you get acid rain.

No. Acid rain still occurs in many areas.

Acid rain can be caused by many things. mostly pollution

it depends if the co2 in the rain is high if not then definitely not

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Acid rain is acid rain.

Acid rain is a man-made disaster. When Chlorofluorocarbons, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere we get that. Is it going to be decades to get the skies clear.

There is no technology that you can use to prevent acid rain. Acid rain is a product of many different things going on in the industrial world.

No. Acid rain is just one type of pollution out of many.

Yes, Acid rain is rain with higher than normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acid.

Only acid rain, normal rain does not contain acid.

carbonic acid rain and sulfuric acid rain

no body has died from acid rain (humans) only fish

no, the acid haven't rain it

well you can have acid rain but not all rain is acid rain

Acid rain causes many ill effects of acid rain to biotic and abiotic components of the earth. Acid rain erodes abiotic components and can kill or mutate biotic components.

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no, not really. acid rain has pollutants in it, but acid rain itself is not a pollutant

When Sulfuric Acid mixes with rain, it creates Acid Rain.

Acid rain is bad because it causes serious health problems like birth defects and lung diseases. it can also cause cancer. acid rain also destroys monuments and kills fish. many forests are destroyed by acid rain. acid rain pollutes rivers and streams and erodes stonework.

Yes, the level of acid rain can increase. As acid rain falls on objects that have already been hit with acid rain, the acid builds up and becomes stronger.

There is no symbol for acid rain.

Acid rain is reducing many aquatic organisms including Amphibia and others .

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