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2010 years.


This is a wide open question with a number of possible answers. If it is cut off and incomplete, like:

"How many years has it been since Jesus..." was born?


"How many years has it been since Jesus..." ascended into heaven?

Give or take a few years... both of these can be answered the same: "More than two-thousand years ago."

Prophetically speaking: "...beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." (II Peter 3:8)

That would make it a little over "two days ago."

If the question is asking, "How many years has it been since Jesus.." recreated the earth?

"Since Jesus recreated the earth from Genesis 1:3, it's been somewhere between five and six thousand years."

If it's truly asking, "How many years has it been since Jesus?"

He is "Eternal"... "JHVH"... "I AM"... "He Exists"... "WAS, IS, SHALL BE": and within that frame of reference, which is inconceivable to the finite human mind... time ceases to exist.

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There is no way to tell since no one knows exactly when Jesus was born. The latest thinking is that he may have been born in June. But even the year of his birth is in doubt.

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Jesus always existed. Jesus acquired blood when he made himself to be born like we are born. No one would have crucified Jesus had people seen that he was the Lord of Glory.

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Assuming He was born in Dec 25 4 BC, it has been approximately 738,840 days as of November 22 2023

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Anthony Taylor

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It's simple, 365 days a year x 2021, plus add any days since 1/1/21


365x2021, plus 31 days for Jan, 28 days for Feb, and if it's March 15th, add 15

(365x2021) +31+28+15

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Q: How many days have there been since the birth of jesus?
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What did europeans celebrate long before birth of Jesus?

light and birth in the darkest days of winter

What did Europeans celebrate long before the birth of Jesus?

light and birth in the darkest days of winter

How long before Mary and Joseph returned to Nazareth from Bethlehem?

This is a reference to the Nativity story in Luke's Gospel, since in Matthew's Gospel, Mary and Joseph lived in Bethlehem and had probably never been to Nazareth. Luke 2:22 says that when the days of purification for Mary were completed, after the birth of Jesus, they took Jesus to Jerusalem to present him at the Temple, then 2:39 says that when they had accomplished these things they returned home to Nazareth. They would probably have begun their journey forty days after the birth of Jesus.

How many days have past since Jesus was born?


What is candlemass?

It occurs on February 2nd. It is forty days after the birth of Christ, and marks the date of the presentation of the child Jesus in the temple, as well as the purification of Mary after the birth of Jesus.

Who is Jesus Christ now a days?

Jesus is - the same as He's always been

Who visited Jesus Mary and joseph 12 days after Jesus birth?

There is no record in the Bible that I can see of anyone visiting Jesus Mary and Joseph 12 days after Jesus' birth. The only visitors to them all that seem to be recorded, are the three wise men and the shepherds, who visited them in the cattle shed just after the child was born.

What was the population of Palestine in Jesus' days?

In Jesus' day, it would have been approximately 200,000

How many days have passed since the birth of Christ?


What happens in the bible regarding children and three weeks after the birth of Christ?

Nothing. The Gospels skip from the coming of the Magi (traditionally 12 days after Jesus's birth) to Jesus as a twelve-year-old.

Wise Men of the East How many days did it take to travel to Jesus after they knew of his birth?


How do you find the number of days since birth?

OK first you should know that there is 365 day a year. And you should know how old you are. You can multiply 365 by your age the you count how many days have past in your current year's you can use a calendar add that to your total and you will find how many days you have been alive since birth. Don't forget to remember which years were leap years because you will have to deduct days for that.