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443 Coalition forces, 4124 are US.

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Q: How many deaths have there been in the Iraq War?
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How many Canadian army men deaths have there been in the Iraq War?

Zero, Canada is not in Iraq it's in Afghanistan. There have been 97 Deaths in Afghanistan.

How many us military deaths in our war in Iraqi?

its IRAQ. The number is 4287 currently.

Where can you find pictures of the deaths in the Iraq war?

If you want to see deaths in the WAR! You better sign up!!

How many times has Iraq been to war?

See website: Iraq

Iraq war deaths?

As of December 10, 2008, at least 4,209 members of the US military have died in the Iraq war.

What are some opposing viewpoints on the war in iraq?

People have opposed the Iraq war for several reasons. Many people feel that the United States was not justified in going there in the first place due to lack of evidence, and the result has been many deaths that were not necessary according to most people.

How many soldiers from Puerto Rico have been killed in Iraq?

How many Panamanian died in the war of Iraq

How many soldiers from West Virginia have died in the war in Iraq?

West Virginia had 37 deaths as of June, 2007.

Is France in the Afgan Iraq war?

there have been many reports that France has sold weapons to Iraq but very little about if they are at war with them .

How many Iraqi deaths during Gulf War?

Iraq fought in 3 Gulf Wars. Which one concerns your question?

How many American soldiers have fought in the Iraq war?

There have been a great many American soldiers that have fought in the Iraq war. This number is multiple thousands.

How many American soldiers have died in the current Iraq war?

The figures are always changing, so it's hard to tell, but statistics show over a hundred soldiers die in Iraq everyday. According to iCasualties there have been 4349 U.S Army deaths between 2003-2009 in Iraq and 869 U.S Army deaths in Afganistan between 2001 and 2009

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