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Lewis and Clark killed 13 deer on their expedition


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mostly deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, bear

two Blackfeet Indians were killed in a skirmish. The two Native Americans had attempted to steal guns from Lewis and Clark and were eventually stabbed to death.

0 actually. They didn't want to harm nature or animals or something idk

This answer is unknown. You should ask Sacageugea. But it is on record that the ate a NATIVE AMERICAN because they were starving.

Lewis and Clark encountered a Grizzly Bear, which was more aggressive and noticeably more difficult to kill than its eastern Black Bear relative. They had to shoot it multiple times before it crossed a nearby stream and later died.

Lewis and Clark did run out of food at times. In their journals there were entries that stated they had to kill the horses in order to have food to survive.

Otherwise millions of native Americans would kill Lewis and clark because they were people they have never seen before.

Most everday air guns do not have the energy to kill a deer, unless the deer is having a really unlucky day- but the have been and are air guns that use tanks of very high pressure air, and fire large lead bullets. These high powered airguns have been around for years (Lewis & Clark carried on on their trp across the US) but they are usually overlooked. But the everyday Daisy or cossman air rifle- no.

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yes. with the shortage of food and water not all could live so they had to sacerfice some\.

None. Deer don't kill tigers: Tigers kill deer. Deer choose to run away or get the heck out of there over attempting to kill a tiger, no matter how many of them are there or whether they're "on the rut" or not.

Nothing. Deer are herbivores.

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One coyote is not enough to kill a deer, especially a buck elk on the rut, but two or three could kill a deer. A coyote can only kill a young deer or an unguarded fawn. However, one wolf is enough to kill such a deer because wolves are more skilled in fighting and have bigger size advantage.

The killdeer got its name from its loud, piercing call "kill deer", "kill deer".

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It depends on the size of the deer. (:

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