How many degrees of freedom to the human body?

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That can be a difficult question to answer. Since mechanically all objects can have at most 6 degrees of freedom, the next question would be how many parts of the human body move. Nearly all parts in the human body can move, and if cells were counted in the answer would be astronomical. However some deduction can be used to reduce that number to a more manageable size. For instance if humans could control the individual cells, then the movements capable of being performed would be limitless and therefor not contained by the skeletal frame of the body. (Think about the shape shifters from Star Trek). Now that cells are out of the question, we are left with muscles and bones. Again this number can be reduced by analyzing the movement types. A person can generate movement from a muscle, however it is governed by the joints nearest that muscle. Therefore the muscles themselves don't have the afore mentioned six degrees of freedom, and can be looked at as mere extensions of the degrees of freedom of the nearest joint or joints. So what does this mean exactly? It means that all movements of the human body are coordinated movements of the joints, and all movements can start independently from any one joint. The human body contains 230 movable or slightly movable joints, and if there are six degrees of freedom for each of them it gives a total of 1380 DOF
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How many organs are in the human body?

To answer this question, we have to ask ourselves the question,what is an organ? An organ is a complex structure made up of 2 ormore different tissue types. Examples of organs include the skin,each muscle, each bone, a lymph node, a blood vessel, a nerve, thesense organs, etc. Given that there are o ( Full Answer )

How many muscles are there in the human body?

There is no universally agreed definition of what a skeletalmuscle is, so there are differences of opinion as to where onemuscle ends and another begins, hence the variation in numbers.There are also several small skeletal muscles in the human bodythat may or may not be present in certain individual ( Full Answer )

How many ribs in the human body?

The rib cage, or thoracic basket, consists of the 12 thoracic (chest) vertebrae, the 24 ribs, and the breastbone, or sternum.

How many human body systems?

1. Cardiovascular System (Heart, Blood Vessels (Arteries, Capillaries, Veins).) 2. Circulatory System (Heart, Blood, Vessels) 3. Digestive System (Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small intestine, Large intestine) 4. Endocrine System (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroids, Adrenals, ( Full Answer )

How many valves in a human body?

There is no set number of valves in your body. The most obvious number might be FOUR because most people are aware of the four valves in the heart which maintain the correct direction of blood flow from atria to ventricles and then from ventricles to arteries. The reason there is no single answe ( Full Answer )

How many hairs on a human body?

100,000 on the average head. Brandreth, Gyles. Your Vital Statistics, p. 22; Growing New Hair!, p. 40.

How many parts does the human body have?

Not counting individual cells or small blood and lymph vessels, there are about a dozen major organ systems. These contain hundreds of individual structures whose functions are integrated by the nervous system. Some major body systems and their organs : Circulatory system: heart, aortic chamber ( Full Answer )

How many joints are in the human body?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The first problem is that the number of bones in a body changes. A fetus has about 300 bones, but by the time of birth, many of them have fused together. The average adult human has 206 bones. Also, what constitutes a "joint" is problematic. The sku ( Full Answer )

How many tissues are there in the human body?

There are four types of tissues in the human body. The are; muscular, epithelial, nervous, and connective. The only other tissue that is a subcategory are the membranes,of which there are three; serous, synovial, and mucous.

How many nerves are in the human body?

There are many many millions of single cell neurons. It is estimated that there are up to 100 billion neurons in the human brain. It is likely that there are more neurons in the human body than any other cell type. many neurons are in the brain others are in tracts or organised pathways within the b ( Full Answer )

How many chromosomes are in the human body?

Humans have 23 pairs of x and y chromosomes, for a total of 46. 46A human being normally has 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) in all but the sex cells. Half of each chromosomal pair is inherited from the mother's egg; the other half, from the father's sperm. When the sperm and egg unite in fertilization, ( Full Answer )

How many milliliters of body is in the human body?

Depending on a number of factors ( age, size, weight) there are approximately six quarts or liters in circulation in the human body at any given time. Compare with a Cat which has no more than twelve ounces ( a soda can) of blood in circulation. But again a Cat seldom weighs more than ten or l2 lbs. ( Full Answer )

How many ligaments in the human body?

There are over 900 ligaments in the human body. Ligaments connectbones to other bones and provide support to joins and variousinternal organs. They are made up of tough bands of tissue mostlyconsisting of collagen. Of the 900 ligaments, 600 are located in ahuman's extremities (the arms and legs) wit ( Full Answer )

How many degrees of freedom does a human hand have?

"The human hand has 27 degrees of freedom: 4 in each finger, 3 for extension and flexion and one for abduction and adduction; the thumb is more complicated and has 5 DOF, leaving 6 DOF for the rotation and translation of the wrist." (from ElKoura and Singh 2003 'Handrix: Animating the Human ( Full Answer )

How many fingers do the human body have?

all together you should have 10 on 1 hand you should have 5 you get it? 5+5=10 like this: 5,6,7,8,9,10 (or you can count on your fingers to do maths- most people do) NO. we do not have 5 fingers in our one hand or 10 total in both either! we have two thumbs,right? so,human body has total 8 finge ( Full Answer )

What is a degree of freedom?

Since no society ever existed that survived total freedom, we all live with something less than total freedom. We are a very free society, but you cant kill someone or yell fire in a crowded theatre. So we talk about the level of freedom we have as different "degrees of freedom"

How many spleens in human body?

There is only 1 spleen - This is confirmed by the "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" gameshow $175,000 question that is airing on tv as I write this.

Human body at 50 degree celsius?

Surrounding temperature, or body temperature? The latter is not compatible with life. The former only if enough cooling by evaporation of sweat is possible.

How many capillaries in the human body?

it is controversial due to total body cells and the "actual" ratio of cells per capillary bed. so 4 billion up to 800 billion is the right answer

How many chromosomes in human body?

There are 46 chromosomes in each human body. You get half of your chromosomes (23) from each parent. When you combine 23 and 23 , you get 46.

How many germs are on the human body?

There is no way to answer that question because our bodies are covered with billions as well as the billions inside our digestive tract. There are more germs associated with a person than there are persons on this planet.

How many metatarsals are in a human body?

There are five metatarsals in the human body.\n. \n. \nTo view the source and more information on metatarsals go to:

How many degrees of freedom does a human arm have?

arm has not 6 but 7 degree of freedom.. 1.shoulder have 1 degree of freedom. 2.yaw have 2 degree of freedom. 3.roll have 3 degree of freedom. 4.elbow have 4 degree of freedom. 5.wrist have 5degree of freedom. 6.wrist yaw have a 6degree of freedom. 7.wrist roll have a 7 degree of freedo ( Full Answer )

How many pores in human body?

their are around 3 trillion pores on a human body on average but depends on how tall and how big the person is so if their's a tall person who is 6"4 and over weight they will have more pores then a person who is 5"7 that is thin

How many degrees of freedom exist for a new circle in a sketch?

A circle on it's own has 3 degrees of freedom. One being theradius/diameter of the circle and the remaining two being the X andY coordinates of the midpoint.and.....I LIKE APPLES For futher inquiry Feature Degrees of freedom Circle 3 Line 4 Circular Arc 5 Ellipse 5 Elliptical Arc 7

How many degree of freedom does a physical structure have?

Zero. Assuming that the physical structure is FIXED (as in a building or something). It cannot move in the x-direction (sideways), the y-direction (upwards), or be rotated about an axis (z-direction). Take the front wheels of a car, for instance. The can move left and right (x-direction) and can rot ( Full Answer )

How many cheeks does the human body have?

Four. :) Four. As Derek and Clive (Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore) announced (in vague references) two upper and two lower. "Which cheek did she kiss you on?" "Left Upper"

How many system are their in a human body?

There are many systems in the human body: Circulatory System (heart, blood, vessels) Respiratory System (nose, trachea, lungs) Immune System (many types of protein, cells, organs, tissues) Skeletal System (bones) Excretory System (lungs, large intestine, kidneys) Urinary System (bladder, kidne ( Full Answer )

How many degrees of freedom are in the gliding joints?

The gliding joint has two degrees of freedom. It can either go left and right(frontal plane) and forward and backwards(saggital plane). An example of the gliding joint is in the wrist.

How many body parts a human have?

Over 6,000. Considering all bones, muscles, tissue, and internal & external organs, along with many others.

How many patellas in human body?

The patella is the scientific term for a knee-cap, provided you only have two knees, you should have two patellas.

How many degrees of Freedom is the sphere in spherical bowl?

BACKGROUND: An item has a maximum of 6 degrees of freedom; 3 degrees of translation (motion in a straight line) and 3 degrees of rotation. The textbook answer to this question is 3 degrees of freedom. What do I mean by the "textbook" answer? I mean that the sphere and spherical bowl fit together co ( Full Answer )

How many systems are human body?

There are 11 major systems in the human body. To remember them remember MURDER IS CLN (clean). M=Muscular U=Urinary (excretory) R=Respiratory D=Digestive E=Endocrine R=Reproductive I=Integumentary S=Skeletal C=Circulatory L=Lymphatic N=Nervous