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There are 171 distinct languages or dialects still being used in the Philippines including the two national languages, Filipino and English. (Filipino is based on the Tagalog language)

Many people in the Philippines speak three languages, Filipino and English which are taught in schools, and the local language of their place of birth which is used by their family and the local community.

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Q: How many dialects to you have in the Philippines?
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How many dialects are there in the Philippines?


How many dialects does the Philippines have?


What country have many dialects in Guinness World of Records?

Philippines ! 62 dialects

How many dialects are spoken in the Philippines?

There are around 150 distinct languages in the Philippines. There could be local dialects of these languages probably nobody has recorded how many.

How many dialects are spoken in Philippines?

There are 76 major local languages spoken in the Philippines and more than 500 minor dialects spoken by ethnic groups.

What are the dialects spoken in the Philippines?

As far as I know. the widely-used dialects in the Philippines are Tagalog, Visayan, Illongo, Waray, and Bicolano. There are many dialects in the Philippines and these are Maranao, Tagalog, Ilocano, Tsabakano, Kapampangan, Waray, Visayan, Illongo, Bicolano, Hiligaynon and Pangasinense

How many dialect in the Philippines?

150-175 dialects in the philippines ako c emon anak ng cavite

What are the 111 dialects spoken in the Philippines?

Some of the 111 dialects spoken in the Philippines are Cebuano, Ilonggo, Hiligaynon, and Pampango. You can find a complete list of the dialects at your local library.,

Give all the dialects in the Philippines and the exact place?

the dialects at ilocos region

What is the country that has a lot of different dialects?


What is love in different dialects in the Philippines?

i feel you

Are Filipino and Tagalog are the same?

Filipino is the actual ethnicity and Tagalog is one of the many dialects spoken in the Philippines.

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