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Q: How many die makers are there in the US?
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How many film makers are there in the US?

there are 2,000 film makers

How many cheese makers are in the US?

All of them.

Us major money makers?


How many pages does The Angel Makers have?

The Angel Makers has 304 pages.

How many pages does The Heaven Makers have?

The Heaven Makers has 159 pages.

How many pages does The Weapon Makers have?

The Weapon Makers has 224 pages.

How many Keurig coffee makers were sold in the US last year?

Around 200,000 Keurig coffee makers were sold in the US last year, although some people estimate the number to be closer to 300,000, and some think it was 100,000.

How many origami makers are in Australia?

69 Full time Origami makers

How many car makers are there?

tooooooooooo many !!!!

Who are the top automatic rifle makers in the US?

Colt and FN

Where does the US get guns from?

Internal makers and other countries in the word.

How much does colonial wig makers get paid?

It says that the salaries of Wig Makers in the US range from $18,780 to $53,234, Also can I get your email?

How many die from herion in the US?

it depends

How do you unclog a airsoft gun?

Read and follow makers instructions. There are too many makes and models for us to be able to give you a generic answer.

How many pets are injured or die in fires in the US?


Why didn't John Glenn die?

The odds-makers are betting that he will do so sooner or later, just like all the rest of us will. He simply has not gotten around to it yet.

Who made first dollar bill?

There is no one person that made the first dollar bill. It was a group effort, between the designers, engravers, die makers, press operators, paper makers, and many other people that contributed to the effort.

Which of the four types of decision makers in the US economy plays the largest role?

Households play the largest role as economic decision makers.

How many different beers are there in Germany?

there are several LARGE beer makers, but also there are many small towns that aslo have their own beer makers.....................

Which brands produce the best coffee makers in the US?

There are quite a few brands who make some very good coffee makers in the US. A few of these brands are: Bodum, Grosche, Espro and IKEA Uphetta. All of these brands produce very high quality coffee makers.

How can you tell of the manufacturing date on US revolvers?

Depends on who made it. Some makers have sn data on their web sites. Many are published in books.

How many people die from TB each year in the us?

Not many

How many people die a day in the us?


How many teens die from drugs in the US?


How many people die a year in the US?