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about 5 million in china

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Q: How many died in China due to the Black Death in the 1300s?
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How much of Europe's population died from the plague in the 1300s?

Black Death Plague killed almost 75 to 200 million people. 1 in every 3.

What happened in 1300s by black death?

25 million people died in just under five years between 1347 and 1352. Estimated population of Europe from 1000 to 1352.

How did the black death happen?

The Black Death started in China because the Black rats got fleas, then when the cargo ships come to china with food and drink the rats got on it and traveled all the way to England and when the rats died their fleas would go to a animal and when that animal died the fleas would go to a human and give them the illness called The Black Death.

How many people caught the black death from the 1300s until now?

This is a bit off the Q. but basically, When disaster strook ( when the black death arrived) twenty five million people died from it. If you type it into google, you will be able to find many answers but i cant help you otherwise THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME!!

Which king died from the black death?

Alfonso XI of Castile died of Black Death plague.

How many people died from Asia from the black death?

40%-45% died in Asia of the black death.

How was the Black Death expelled from Europe?

Bubonic Plague, aka Black Death, was transmitted from fleas. These fleas had previously attached themselves and infected the rats on ships traveling from China. Wherever the ships docked, the plague was spread. One-third of the population in Europe died during the 1300s. It is not completely eradicated globally, but has not been an issue in Europe since the 1600s. The reason is unknown; could be some genetic protection, control of the rat population, etc.

How many people died from the black death?

i think around 25 million

How many peasants died during the black death?

Over Half of Europe died during the Black death period

Where is the black death at right now?

There is no Black Death Plague right now, it has died out.

How did the Black Death effect children in Europe?

lots of children died from the black death

Where did people died from black death?

Black death struck in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

How many people died in the black death disease?

One third of the people in Europe died from the Black Death.

How many people died in France During the black death?

25 million people in France has died during the black death.

Did anyone famous die from the black death?

no one famous died fro the black death!

Did the king of england die from the black death?

No king of england died due to the Black Death

How many were killed by the black death?

1/3 of the people in Europe died from the black death

How did the Black Death spread from China?

After the black death hit China, It spread to England by trade, and the Asian sailors. In England, one the rats had died, the fleas would spread, and get to people. The people would then have black spots on their bodies. A common way of trying to cure this disease was by cutting open veins that lead to your heart. Thanks, hope i helped, A

What happened to people with black death?

They died. Basically, the black death, also known as the bubonic plague, caused black bubons, or cysts to cover your body and then you died.

How many people did the black Death?

Approx 20 million people died from the black death.Twinz46

Was Charlemagne around when the black death was?

No. He died around four hundred years prior to the Black Death.

What effect did the black death have on Shakespeare's work?

the Black Death had very significant effect on him. It is said that his son died at the age of eleven sue to the Black Death.

Who was the Black Death bad for?

The people who died.

How did the plague black death die out?

The black death died out because it literally killed so many people that it had no more victims to spread to and died out.

What happened in the years of the black death?

people died in black blood