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3 to my knowledge made vampires, vampires (the kind that drink blood) and energy vampires the kind that feed from others energy.

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Q: How many different kind of vampires are there?
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Do vampires really exist on the Earth?

Yes. There are many different types of vampires.

Are there different kind of vampires?

On the record, Vampires don't exist. Off the record, there are actual vampires like Dracula or Vlad who ruthlessly drink blood, or the sissy vampires in twilight that f*cking SPARKLE!

Who saw vampires first?

Vampires are mythological creatures that were invented by many different cultures in the world.

How do vampires smoke?

Different vampires employ different modes of smoking. Some don't even smoke at all. Usually it depends on what kind of person the vampire was before he died. They simply maintain their old habits.

What are the behavior of vampires?

different vampires act in different ways, some vampires are visous and come out at night and feast on peoples blood, others try not to drink human blood in different ways, and some vampires even kill vampires.

What happens when the vampires in the twilight book arrive?

There are many vampires in Twilight that come into the book at different intervals. I cannot fathom which vampires you are asking about. Read the books and then you'll find out.

What kind animals does vampires turn into?

The mythology of vampires suggests that they can turn into bats.

What kind of vampires are their?

there are 2 types of vampires the vamps who eat animal blood and the vampires who eat human blood

What different forms do vampires take?

They're just vampires. Simple as.

Do vampires insist?

If you mean exist, no. They are fictional beings in many different stories. If you mean insist, then some "certain" vampires very much insist on ruining the rest vampires for the rest of us.

What kind of vampires are there in Europe?


What kind of creatures are vampires?

Literary characters.

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