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How many different kinds of trees are there in the Amazon rainforest?


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There are about 250 different kinds of trees in the Amazon Rainforest

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There are many different types of trees that will grow in the Amazon Rainforest. These trees include aquatic and land trees.

All different kinds including palm trees :)

There are many different kinds of species in the Amazon Rainforest. But most of those species are endangered because people are cutting down the trees in the rainforest for paper. And some animals homes are the trees and if they cut them down the animals will have no place to live and they will die.

Deciduous trees live in the Amazon rainforest but give the illusion of being evergreen by shedding there leaves at different times.

there are 2000 trees in the amazon rain forest

Yes, cocoa trees are found in the Amazon Rainforest.

You should keep it because obviously it has trees, trees give us oxygen and also the Amazon rainforest covers up 40% of Brazil (which is where the Amazon Rainforest is)

the kapok tree can be found in the emergent layer of the amazon rainforest

Trees in the Amazon rainforest all tend to be tall. Some of these trees reach heights of 130 meters high. Very few trees are small.

Amazon rainforest trees don't make carbon dioxide, they take it in. The Amazon rainforest absorbs 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

They are found in the amazon rainforest

There are 2.1 million sq mi (at the moment) of rainforest there. 390 billion individual trees.

there are a million different kinds of trees in the rainforest. some of the valuble one are redwood and cherry and some others are pine and oak.

the light levles in the amazon rainforest ate cal and dark according to the trees above ahahahan

Evergreen are are basically the only general type of tree that dosen't grow in the Amazon Rainforest.

Do coconuts grow in the amazon rain forest

there are these trees that grow in the Amazon rainforest called Tualang trees AKA. honey bee trees and they can grow up to 250 feet.

there all kinds of trees like fern and oak trees

There are about 16,000 different species of trees that can be found in the Amazon rainforest. The most common of these trees is the palm tree, particularly the acai palm which produces berries.

They are usually the same type of trees as any other rainforest like the amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest has over 700 different species of trees and over 1400 species of plants. Just to name a few flora: there are more than 2700 species of bromeliads, orchids, water lily, 40 different species of Heliconia, Kapok tree - biggest tree in the Amazon rainforest - grows 200 feet tall.

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