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there are 20,000 kinds of worms in the whole wide world

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Can worms live in the sea?

Yes. There are many different kinds of worms, and some only live in the sea.

How many different types of worms are there in the world?

There are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms in the world. Worms live in freshwater, saltwater, and on the shore.

How many brains do worms have?

Worms do not actually have brains, but they do have nerve ganglia, which are like very tiny brains. There are many different kinds of worms, and they do not all have the same ganglia.

Which different kinds of worms get into humans?

People can get tapework, hook worn and pin worms.

What are insects and how many legs do they have?

Insects are little bugs like ants, worms. ect. Different kinds of insects can have different many legs.

What are the different kinds of phyla?

The man kinds of plylas' are flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms.

What to if white gross worms came out of a cat feces?

go to the vets or buy a vet recommended worming course. be aware there are different kinds of worms, and different courses are for the different types of worms

Do worms eat grains?

Yes, many kinds of worms and grubs eat grains.

What are the different type of worm?

There are lots of different kinds of worms. Some wormslive under water, like Ragworms, Green Paddle Worms, and Honeycomb Worms. Those are my favorites. I don't now much about land worms.

What type of worms are the little black worms you find in the backyard?

cutworms The kinds that are there are the ones that are there because there are many types of worms.

Do worms eat onion?

There are all different kinds of worms. There is a type of worm that will eat vegetables. Even the odd onion.

What kinds of birds pick worms from the ground?

Lots if different worms such as earth worms are most common because they are every where around the world in warm places

What are the three kinds of worms?

The three types of worms are frosty, Nosebuch, And the rosebush! All these worms are relavant or alike and many peaple are wondering what kind of different speicec of worms they hope to find such as the mulberry worm the rare worms on the universe! Enjoy I garentee I got this question right!

What is the niche of the frog?

Frogs can be found in and around lakes and streams. Frogs like to eat many different kinds of insects and worms.

Will worms kill your puppy?

There are many different kinds of worms, such as roundworm, tapeworm, heart worm, hookworm, etc... Different worms need different treatments but any kind of worm is NOT a good sign. They all have the potential to be fatal, yes, as they can cause bowel obstructions and/or lead to other diseases which can cause death. Your puppy should be examined and treated by a veterinarian if you suspect worms.

What does a Robin eat?

Different kinds of seeds and worms and bugs of all kinds. It also eats small berries and soft fruits.

How many types of worms are there?

there are at least 1,800 different types of worms

How many different kinds of butterflies are there?

25,000 different of kinds

How many different kinds of Lamborghini?

There are about 30 different kinds

Why do leaves have different patterns?

As there are many different kinds of mammals, so are there many different kinds of trees.

What are three different kinds of annelid worms?

Annelid is just the Phylum. There are actually 17,000 different species in this one phylum! Three different worms could be: The Tape Worm, The Segmented Worm, and the Christmas Tree Worm.

Are raccoons immune to roundworm?

no. they are actually born with a few different kinds of round worms and other parasites

Are all worms alike?

NO!worms are not alike there are three kinds of wormsa.platyhelminthesb.annelidac.nemathelminthes

What are the sizes of worms?

There are many different sizes, as well as species of worms. There are worms that are smaller than a mm and there are worms longer than a metre!

Why are there so many different kinds of castles?

Because there were many different kinds of wealthy people.